Gentlemen, how do we make anime/manga with a gender-bender story not boring as shit or completely awful?

Gentlemen, how do we make anime/manga with a gender-bender story not boring as shit or completely awful?

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By having more toilet scenes

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>Gender bender
>Switching Sexes is so funny and cool!
>Some get into the delusion you can actually do it for real
>Manga constantly puts best friend and protag into awkward funny situations where it ends up being sexual

This is probably the biggest tranny making machine accessible to any weeb with enough curiosity... or maybe a little too much.

Not saying you niggas should kill yourselves, but you're in for a fucking lot of pointless suffering if you manage to get into your "Gender Bender" phase.

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Kashimashi is the best you will ever get.

Make it affect the entire world.

It should be more about a guy that can switch genders with a trigger (much like the water in Ranma 1/2 or midnight in Cinderella Boy) instead of permanent change with slow mental changes leading into accepting the new female body.

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Gender-bender are inherently shit BUT if you're going to use a shit genre, you may as well attach it to another shit genre and hope the negatives cancel eachother out.
Make it an Isekai about a guy who is unique in the fact that he has two job classes but when he switches jobs, he switches genders because the world doesn't want male healsluts.

This man speaks the truth

>Can't separate fiction from reality

still the best

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skip the gender bending part


Why do you keep making this thread?

The same reason why we see the same threads, autism.

makes them eat meat rod

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It's called Transjitter but it's pretty melodramatic and I'm only two chapters in

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This author is "Dare you enter my magical piss forest?" tier. Had to drop it.

Omorashi is overrated

just look at OP picture, that manga did it great

I agree. Never found a gender blender more enjoyable than ranma



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some are good, some are bad, but some are like, really, really bad

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>the trap vs the reverse trap

In my opinion, Boku Girl was particulary enjoyable for its ecchi absurdity and sexual jokes more than anything and from reading the Live TL threads here with you guys ; the gender bender was a plus. The Takeru-Mizuki doubts rollercoaster could have been replaced from "my best buddy is now hot chick" to some shit like "nordic loli magic is making extremely conscious about my girl friend being fucking hot" and it would have felt the same.

So for me, gender bender stories should be treated either like a serious romantic plot with fantasy/science fiction details to justify the switch, or just plain silly ecchi shit. Both options would be good.

Now my idea might have some flaws, but yours is simply terrible.
Two different kinds of shit mixed is not gonna result in a positive object. It's still gonna be shit.

Excellent manga, too bad the last volume was SHIT

already been done
its called Ranma 1/2

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Here is some advice, make it so the gender-bend character is actually an interesting and compelling character you care about. Imagine if the story was about a young prince that was cursed by his older female relatives into becoming a girl so they could take the title from her. In that perspective, showcase the kind of mistrust and the disappointment she had, especially when her deceased father tried so hard to train her before he died from sickness (which was before the TG). Imagine how betrayed she and the royal servants would feel by this corruptive action.

Also, make it so the now female character doesn’t get rid of her cool masculine looks and personality traits so she doesn’t bend over and cries like an annoying bitch. You know those flamboyant boys you see a character N from Pokémon or Joshua from the world ends with you? Make that the girliest they will be at best, cause they will have their cool looks while still appearing female.

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