Hunter x Hunter

Would she have killed Gon if he didn't demand a fight?

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>implying Pitou can kill Gon

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Pitou is a man.


Pitou is a cute boy, not a steaming dung pile called a man.

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>b-but regular Ants can’t be female!!!
Explain Zazan and Hina.

WOW what a cute cat-girl-doll thing

Of course. The only thing stopping him was Komugi.
Once Pouf tricked him into believing she was safe she decided to kill Gon.

Was there a better Squadron Leader than Zazan?

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she could before he transformed. she probably would have ran to the king if he didn't demand a fight

Hiatus x Hiatus

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user, no matter how much you deny it, a trap is still gay.

Here's what really happened.

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Aren't the ants unable to give birth, the only reason some ants have female characteristics is
because of the humans the Queen devoured.

My wife is so cute!

Pitou is female

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Awesome pecs bro!

w-what? pitou sounds female and have like small chest bumps, nice butt, and feminine build

Could Hisoka beat Pitou?

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IT is a cat, what does it matter?

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Completely unrelated to Pitou, who is male regardless of how hard he makes your tiny peepee.

Personally, I like the early versions of Pitou in the manga more. They're more androgynous and creepy than the cutesy version we get in the later half. Fits the character more imo.

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It was always ugly.

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I forget, how exactly did kite end up as an ugly little girl again? Because the queen ate him and made him into an ant? Was being eaten all it took?

It was his ability.

From what I understand, the queen birth a new being, and Kite's spirit/soul was passed on to that. Same how the other ants had memories from their human selves, but instead of having just part of his former self like the others, it was more whole.

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What ability?

Yeah, but ugly doesn't mean bad in this case. It fits more with the early version of the character being a sadist.

It also makes more sense to call this Pitou a guy as opposed undeniably girl Pitou we get later on.

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He retained his memories as a lot of ants did insisted on being called Kite.

Togashi clearly decided that Pitou would be a girl which is why the old design didn't last long.

Pitou was never a guy or a girl
Pitou is a drone ant. Their gender is drone.