How would you rank the seasons?

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I can't rank them because I all the seasons are great

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Who do you think are having sex in their dorm?

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S3: dropped midway, got bored
S4: only watched the good bits

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The only significant difference for me was the noticable decrease in quality once we reached the Yakuza arc with season 4.
So basically

I was going to go batman and examine the pic closely but I got bored so: Frog fucking uhhh Sato or Lida or Invisbitch, or orgy with the four

If you already read the manga
S2 > S3 > S4 > S1
If you're anime only
S3 > S2 > S1 > S4

I just finished the tournament arc in S2, and now after reading this thread I am concerned about how the rest of the show will be.

Why didn't you like it?

The quality of the show in terms of animation and music drops drastically from the second half of season 2 onward
The second half of season 3 and the whole of season 4 are the worst written part of the series, should start to pick up again in the second half of S5


It's not that. I enjoyed it.
What I mean is that the anons in this thread seem to be consistently rating S4 as lower than the rest. That is what concerned me.

Recency bias
It's board culture to hate on mha, and S4 is the latest season, so it's not surprising that Yas Forums is hating on it
S4 is a lot like S3 in terms of production (hindered by the movie taking good directors away), but it covers parts of the story that are a lot less interesting, only exception being the last 2 episodes of S4 which are actually really good

It's not fun

I hate the slice of life shit, so I guess I'd say the only stuff worth watching is the camp, kamino, overhaul arcs and the final current episode.

Why did someone who hates slice of life content not drop this forever in season 1?

It's not a good show

it was a pain in the ass but I'd say it was worth to get through the slog. mha has some legit cool parts, but I'd never rewatch it from the beginning. loved the movie as well.

why do people dislike the Yakuza part so much? I enjoyed it.

Because it's when the writing starts to fall off a cliff. There's several reasons why but the worst offenders to me personally are:

>introducing a character that can kill people by touching them, when there is already a character with that power
>introducing a second fucking character that can kill people by touching them, except they also undo literally everything barring death

I wish Bakugo got killed off. It would be good for deku’s growth. And we wouldn’t have to waste panel time on Bakugo

I mean the writing wasn't that phenomenal to begin with so falling off a cliff seems exaggerated to me. I also thought Overhaul's power was used to more extent than touching people to kill them.

>I also thought Overhaul's power was used to more extent than touching people to kill them.
It was, and that was actually cool, but why even bother with that if can he just play murdertag. His power should just been to reconstruct than reconstruct/deconstruct, you would barely even have to change the story too since he only actually deconstructs someone twice on screen. And then only actually kills one person with that part of his quirk.

How is having multiple people who can use their quirk to kill by touching more egregious than multiple people having quirks that give them armored skin?
The world's logic would fall apart if multiple characters having similar quirks wasnt permitted

>How is having multiple people who can use their quirk to kill by touching more egregious than multiple people having quirks that give them armored skin?
Because the former is ludicrous in a battle shonen, it's worse than regeneration. There's no better way to remove all tension from a fight than to have the bad guy go "If I touch you, you die"

yeah that's true and I also definitely agree with the whole Eri thing. She is just a set up to revert future stakes.

I thought the point of Overhaul was to draw a parallel between him and Shiggy, showing that OH wasn't a true successor to AfO. They both have very similar powers, head a criminal organisation with loyal goons and seek to uptrun quirk and hero society so to speak.

Same thing with Mirio, he parallels Deku and even fucking looks like a young All Might would.
Problem with Mirio is the parallel backfires and you want to root for Mirio more than Deku. Has super speed (by using his quirk creatively), super strength (gained via fucking lifting) and seems to be a more heroic and positive guy.

I don't know why I watched all of season S3 on release but didn't even bother with S4. I think I grew to find the anime grating. I don't like its presentation. Still keep up with the manga.

I just like all the series desu all the seasons are fine to me but some episodes do feel weak and every season has episodes like that.

S4 is noticeably lower in quality than the rest, in every department, not only animation. Boring storyboarding, bad music direction, bad lighting, it's an all over very basic work that greatly ruins what is not exactly the strongest arc in the manga to begin with. May be because the golden personalities of the production were busy with the film.
All of this is completely reversed in the last episode. Great animation, great storyboarding, godly music choices and stunning lighting that enhance what is happening on screen. Whoever decided for a purple sky for that one is a genius. You shouldn't miss that one

season 1 had no filler or weak arcs
Season 2 had filler and the final exam arc
Season 3 had filler and the license exam arc
Season 4 had filler and two big arcs which were shit. Yakuza and Festival.
Season 4 only had like 3 good episodes.

So S1 > S2 > S3 >>> S4. The downward trajectory of this series is clear.

what are the weak episodes of season 1?

nice trips. but for me personally episode 9 is weak