Is type moon ever going to do anything more than milking fate?

Is type moon ever going to do anything more than milking fate?
FGO can't last forever and nasu is still young

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He's probably made more then enough to retire by now, his plan should be nothing more then just milking it for as long as he can so he have a good life, and occasionally shitting something out to get his dick sucked by a gullible crowd of fans

>FGO can't last forever

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So far, we know that TM are supposed to work on
>Tsukihime Remake for 12 years lol
>Mahoyo sequels
>whatever the game Studio BB is working on
>Fate/Extra Remake since Nasu says in his latest interview that it's in his must-do list while he's still alive
>Girls' Work lmao

God i wish i was shirou

>FGO can't last forever
My large erection for Illya can. So my wallet will follow

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>Studio BB
what kind of game would they make?

>Niino told Nasu and Takeuchi that the game he's currently aiming for will be big enough to compete with the remake when they both release in about 5, 6 years.
>He can't give details about the 3 games Studio BB is producing because they are not in a presentable stage yet. They already started development in August for 1 of them, a mid-sized project in collaboration with another company. Then when the year started, they started the development on the other one, a small-sized project that can be done entirely within the Studio BB. Both of these games will serve as a build-up for the aforementioned Tsukihime-sized 3rd project, both in the TM lore they will present and as way to make the Studio BB team more experienced.
>Studio BB's games will be canon to the Nasuverse and will stay true to all the lore and worldbuilding, but they won't be sequels or spin-offs to any existing title. At least one of them is almost entirely brand-new stuff.
>Studio BB's games are current planned to go on the PS4, Switch and PC, but Niino wants them be playable in as many platforms as possible, so he's also considering smartphones, Xbox and Cloud.
>Niino's favorite Type-Moon elements are Dead Apostles and Wandering Sea, which just got introduced again in FGO.
>The official TM terminology is a big part in making TM games, but many fans are new and there's so many new terms that even a 20 years fan like Niino is finding hard to keep up, so his games will constantly have simple explanations for all the terms, so we can all "study the Type-Moon lore" all over again.
>Fate/ got a ton of spin-offs and became what the interviewer describes an endless party. To that Niino responds that no party lasts forever. He says Fate/'s 10-year long party is ending and that he wants his work to help setting things up for TM's next 10-year long party.

That's a more direct approach to milking the audience than what OP was asking about

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>nasu is still young
She's an old woman, almost menopausal actually.

Also Requiem is on-going and Case Files sequel is scheduled to be released this winter

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Cute feet.

Love Miyu.

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prismafaggots please go

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You forgot DDD3. And so did Nasu.

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It's not the next Jojo. Grt over it.

>girls work
Damn I was excited about this one

Why does her vagina look like it was stung by a bee


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Creators of his caliber can really just sit off his ass on royalties.

Extra needs a remake bad. It's aged so horribly

What world is Mahoyo in? Fate or Tsukihime?

I'm so fucking mad why in the fuck is the manga so god damn SLOW?
God fucking damn it SilverLink is basically begging the author for more anime, they had to brainstorm and jam whatever idea they had to make that OVA back in summer JUST so they have new Illya every week, meanwhile the author pumps out 10 pages every 2-3 months.
Why in the fuck


No need. Fate is at the point now where Nasu could leave to go live on an uninhabited island and Fate would still produce multiple works a year of various types.
FGO solidified that by creating a medium for which all errant Fate works can get advertised and referenced with minimal effort.