Here is your new girlfriend Yas Forums

Here is your new girlfriend Yas Forums

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Fuck yes I love money.

Cool, when can we fuck?

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*unzips dick*

how do i get a gf EXACTLY like kaguya?

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I'm going to spank her butt and rip off her ribbon.

Where did i go so wrong?

well, her ribbon is retarded, but I can deal with it

be hot, smart and sucessful.

I love my dorky wife!

Challenge accepted.

Also half-kill yourself with sleep deprivation and exhaustion to beat her test scores

Why does she wear the ribbon?

I'd rather have a qt Hayasaka gf

Why would you want one? Incredibly selfish and shallow

Fujiwara is a dick hopping slut

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>big tits
>rich and goes on vacation constantly

hell yes

No one cared who she was before she put on the ribbon

Would knock up immediately so I'm forced to take responsibility.

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Go back

I dont date children

What image are you trying to put into my head?

I'll take her little sister.

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Why? What's wrong with children?

If I took it off would she die?

i always dream getting dick sucked lovingly and willingly by beautiful young maiden, is she the one?

I don't like cowtits. Give me Miko.

It would be extremely painful

Chika is adorable AF but I wouldn't even know what to do with a partner.
I've been so lonely for so long I may as well have been raised by wolves, I don't think I could ever trust or love another person

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i know that feel user. could never imagine being intimate with another person or letting down my guard and being vulnerable.

You are literally being a vulnerable little bitch here, user.

You would be my bitch desu.

Ask Aka, Kaguya design literally based on his editor