Why does this always happen?

Why does this always happen?

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No need to put extra effort when you already hooked your audience.

OPs shouldn't change. They should come up with one stellar OP, and then keep it for the remainder of the anime. That's how you make something iconic. Changing OPs every season or arc just makes them all forgettable.

>OPs shouldn't change. They should come up with one stellar OP, and then keep it for the remainder of the anime.

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Shingeki no Kyojin had great OP after another until the 5th OP.

Yes, Red Swan is good.

Why bother, if you got a seasons 2 you won't get more fans with a new great OP.

Bullshit. I can name you many second OP's that are better than first.

Not at all, the bees and the eagles is still the best even if you like all OPs and it goes downhill from there.

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Name 1 (one).

Not always

Absolutely abhorrent taste. An OP should reflect the mood/action/tone of the current season/arc. Only excuse is if the anime is 40 episodes or else

It's been a long time since I saw the IGN guys

Why did you post one of the worst OP ever made? I don't get this joke.

>Darker than black
>Hokuto no Ken
>Zeta Gundam
>Noragami Aragato
>Jojo 2012
>Fate Stay night 2006
>Gits sac second gig
>Gunslinger girl
>Gundam 00

Why are you a nigger?

Because they already hoked you. No need to hook you again.

You do know the real reason why you all think that the first OP is always the best? Nostalgia and first exposure, it's as simple as that.

I didn't think they'd be able to match the quality of the first OP, but they nailed it
although I'm still a big sucker for the counting on the first one, makes it more memorable in my opinion

>OP2 is just a remix of OP1

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>OP1 is the usual j-rock or j-pop
>OP2 is j-metal

>show's first season has 3 OPs
>first OP is the only one anyone remembers when both of the others are bangers too
>3rd OP is fucking incredible song-wise but has an incredibly low effort visual component and only plays for two episodes

This can be a good idea but then you watch some 80s or 90s shows that are 50 episodes and have a single opening that you're not a fan of and doesn't do a good job of representing the entire series as it goes on anyway.

shirobako's first OP was dead space galore, second OP was better both on visuals and on music




Eyeshield 21's opening changes like 3 times over the 145 episodes course, and none of them really fit the tone.


>Gunslinger Girl
Wtf dude, no way.

Shana is a counterexample. JOINT is better than Hishoku no Sora.

Not always.

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Never happened for this.

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There are times the intro should always change, such as that horrid thing that ran during HxH

>second OPs are always worse than the fir-
*blocks your path*

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The absolute madman

>What the fuck ever dude
Eh, poor choices to prove your point.

Yes way. Tatta Hitotsu no Omoi is extremely catchy and energetic. Much better than that stock song they used for season 1.