Jojo's Bizzare Adventure

Reminder that Giorno Giovanna could beat ANY anime character you can think of in a death battle and that is an objective fact.

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I don't think GER should be counted since it's a temporary power up
Jotaro and Johnny > Giorno

This. GER is not Giorno's power, it's the arrow's, which Giorno doesn't even have anymore by the end of the story.

Part 4 slowly grows on me
Later part of it doesn't seems that bad unless it's something Koichi centered

Why didn't he try to fight Pucci then?

part 4 sucks ass

dio would unironically beat anyone in a fair 1v1 battle

you know it's true

What about Sinbad from Magi? He can rewrite reality and time.

>doesn't even have anymore
That's just a lie.

That's literally what King Crimson did and he got stuck in an infinite loop of death.

But could he beat Madara Uchiha?

Nah, Sinbad did some other stuff too.

>the manga is a lie

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>i will not destroy this arrow
>put the arrow into the turtle
>he doesn't have the arrow anymore

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>>put the arrow into the turtle
>>he doesn't have the arrow anymore
Thanks for explaining why I'm right.

He's not gonna get rid of the turtle.

Why didn’t he beat Pucci then

What he means is that he would need time to get the arrow out of the turtle and pierce GE with it. Probably why he couldn’t counter Made in Heaven

If he gives the arrow away to another character, he doesn't have the arrow. He physically doesn't have the arrow with him to use in a fight. In a 1v1 situation, he can't use GER, meaning OP is wrong.

anyone who's actually attacking him
satoru > giorno

>Have god mode that auto counters any murder attempts made on you
>If anyone bad got their hands on this there is a high probability you are completely fucked
>Having it active would likely auto cancel anyone attempting to blow up the world or any world ending shenanigans
>Decide the best way to keep it safe is to stuff it in a turtle inhabited by a Frenchmen's soul

He may not have inherited Dio's instinctive dog kicking defenses but he certainly inherited his bad decision making.

Realistically speaking Polnareff would probably refuse to give the arrow back to Giorno once he realized Giorno's motive to rule Passione. I doubt Araki even thought about the story that deeply though.

Can't Giorno just cancel Saitama's punch though?


To add:
>Be chased by a Ice stand user who has super armor
>Your 10,000 iq plan is to drive off the bridge and plummet into the Adriatic Sea

Right up there with attempting to decapitate a man with 5m range with a stop sign.

>turtle's there at the end


He's One Punch Man

Because people are amused by a single joke being done 1000 times.

I think you responded to the wrong person, what you said is irrelevant to my post.

no, you can see the turtle in the last panel of part 5, polnareff is there with giorno ruling passione

Please don't tell me you're one of those people who think Polnareff is still a turtle after SCR swapped everyone back to their original bodies.

I highly doubt that

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B-BOBOBO-SAMA?!?!?!?!?! I-I KNEEL!!!!!!!!

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But he doesn't have any powers?

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>bringing Medaka Box into a power level discussion.
That's not very FRESH of you, user.

Would Giorno or GER be able to stop a attack they couldn't see coming?

I am sure some isekai with a finished WN proves you wrong already

Would gods in Dragon ball be affected by time powers?