Did this show make you cry?

Did this show make you cry?

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Yes when i realized i wasted 4 hours of my life watching it before i dropped it

yes because it was so bad

No, the emotional payoff in shows like these feel too calculated and dishonest.

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No. A little choked up, but I found that it left me smiling more than anything else.

The term is "Oscar bait" and I agree, i never liked melodramas myself either.

No, go back to MAL with all of your mentally ill alphabet friends.

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yes, and then i watched it again and felt embarrassed

>tfw no gf like kaori


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melissa is such a fat girl name lol

>watching things again
There's your problem

Absolutely. This show is such a masterpiece and is obviously A-1 Pictures's best anime, and perhaps the greatest anime out there. A-1 Pictures is a great studio with such masterpieces like Fairy Tail, Sword Art Online, and Erased, so saying that Your Lie in April was the best really says something. Perhaps the director had a stroke of enlightenment from God himself to come up with something that made me cry so hard. In conclusion, Your Lie in April is perhaps the best anime ever made and made me, an intellectual, cry so much.

Yeah who wouldn't want a dead liar gf.

I watched five episodes and dropped that shit. One of the most overrated anime ever

It did.

>they straight up said im confused and never brought it up again

>Oscar bait
>for a TV series

>dude loves her
>she did everything to be with him because PLOT
she was so fucking retarded i laughed the moment she died

Why do I actually find this kinda sad

Made me facepalm and cringe at points. The script was so bad I could not connect to it at all.

Yeah great show, flawless

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No, it's shit, still a billion times better than 3-gatsu.
The cheap drama ranking:
Clannad > Angel Beats > Anohana > Shigatsu >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 3-gatsu

The only anime that made me cry was Welcome to the NHK when the MC reunited with his high school crush and realized she was also worthless, depressed and hooked up on anti-depression just to get through her job. After that I cried and realized even if my old high school girlfriend didn’t break up with me I still would be depressed as fuck and instead of watch anime and shit to runaway it would probably be something else.

No because I'm not a faggot.

No just like I didn't for plastic memories or other "sad" shit.

Steins;Gate was more emotional because I actually gave a shit to the weight of some of the characters than this shit.

>music anime
>oh I bet something bad is going to happen because girl is different in some way
>huh lotta foreshadowing
>oh okay yeah there it is
>well that was "sad" but didn't make me care

Every time when I see some anime with a girl and a guy based around music, it's always some dumb shit

Maybe it would have if it knew what the term subtly was and how to actually implement it.

No, but it was good. The music was good. Probably this ia my favourite melodramatic anime, better then Clannad and the other shits.

No. I foresaw the ending two/three chapters in

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>she was so fucking retarded i laughed the moment she died
Keep in mind there are people who were actually shocked by this.

fuck u nigger kaori is cute

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I enjoyed the show. The death was obvious but still sad to see coming. I liked the performances and rivals and the childhood friend too. The only character that felt out of place was watari he didn't do shit.