The story of a tiny mexican girl bullying a US borderguard

the story of a tiny mexican girl bullying a US borderguard

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Would she even have the courage to do this anymore or has she been overtaken by doki dokis?

Are her kisses taco flavored?

Its bordering on Doki but the later chapters seems balanced so far.

the spiciest

Orale paisano, let me through, ese.

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Don't make me notify ICE of your unlawful presence in this great nation, Nagatoro!

Never forget:

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When is she going to improve and be able to explain properly?

She explains why in that very chapter and called Senpai's bluff.

Best thing about Naga is that catching her off guard doesn't immediately make her melt.

>the story of a tiny mexican girl bullying a US borderguard
unironically sound like a great idea for SOL comedy lmao, the butthurt because of muh racism would be amaizing

God, she's sucking his brains through her arm tentacle. How horrifying.

US borderguard-kun keeps catchng cute illegals that want his anchor babies. main heroine petite and feisty/spicy mexico-chan. big brown tomboy Brazilian-chan and some even crazier illegals like secret agent fujoshi china-chan and let's not forget ICE director christmas cake that wants to get her eggs fertilized

I just started this series this morning thanks to weird images I saw on here and am just loving it. She's a freak. But as long as he's into the pain! Why did it take me so long to read?

It kind of reminds me of Takagi-san except sexier.


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basado en qué?

>Inbf it's revealed Naga is actually from a second generation Mexican immigrant family

Gamo is love. Gamo is life.

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basado en tu mama lmao XD
she is just tanned

new characters next chapter

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why does everything about american mutts you fucking tards

isn't that hat girl the rapist vampire?

S..stop Nagatoño

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Oh fuck off now I want some menudo and is not Sunday yet.

Because there's not better way to talk about shit on 4channel than to be racism.

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But i thought she was okinawan


> the story of a half black girl picking on her jewish classmate.


Mazel tov, Senpai.

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"D...don't steal my water you ni...uh person of color! remember the six million oy vey!"

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