How do you deal with spoilers guys...

How do you deal with spoilers guys? Have you ever dropped something because you got spoiled or can you still enjoy something even if you got spoiled?

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>caring about spoilers

>How do you deal with spoilers guys?

By not being a little bitch.

If getting a spoiler makes you not want to watch something, it couldn't have been that good to begin with.

If you haven't already, stop being an animefag. Also don't go into threads about things that you're in the middle of reading. I'm pretty good at avoiding spoilers though. I can't think of anything significant I was spoiled on that ended up ruining the experience for me.

Like I got spoiled on Yang dying in LoGH but only that he died, and not when and how. So that wasn't a big deal and didn't take away from anything. I didn't know about any other major deaths. Stuff like people posting pages from manga generally isn't an issue either. Some spoilers might not even stick with a person if they're completely out of context. If you see a page of a character dying you don't even know who that character is or anything.

I try to avoid them but it's not the end of the world if soemthing gets spoiled for me.
like If the story needs the surprise factor to hold your interest, it's probably shit. If it's good then you should still be interested even if you know something's going to happen.

If spoilers ruin my enjoyment of an anime/series, then the anime/series was not worth watching.

Only midwit plotfags are bothered by spoilers

Spoiler-fags are so fucking annoying, especially when they consider non-spoilers a spoiler.

Spoilers only ruin enjoyment if the series is built entirely around a mystery

I prefer getting spoilers.

I don't think spoilers ever ruined moment for me. Actually picked some series based on spoilers. Build up is far more important to me.

just become a spoilerfag

I used to get mad at spoilers but the more I saw them the more I realized I might be braindead because I just forget them after a while

If just knowing the sequence of events that occurs in a story ruins it for you, then you aren't getting anything out of the art, execution, or emotions involved in the story, which means you are literally autistic. Also, if you happen to be that autistic, there is a simple way to avoid spoilers: stay off the internet. It's not other people's responsibility to tiptoe around your mental defect.

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By spending as little time on Yas Forums as possible. Seriously people on this board are deranged when it comes to spoilers. They'll spoil shit in the OP. They fiend over spoilers from raw manga and before they even get the chance to read the chapter and proceed to discuss it like it's common knowledge. It's not even trolling like "haha gotcha! spoiled it for ya!" it's like they've lost all sensibility for what spoilers even are. You see them in the thread right now "oh it doesn't matter if I spoil the entire series for you, you'll still enjoy it" like yeah, I will, but I would have enjoyed it more not having known x loses! Fucking fags on Yas Forums I swear.

>faggots keep reading machine translations and posting spoilers
Literally worse than Hitler.
Not only you ruin your own reading experience, you actively try to ruin every one else’s.

They don't bother me. If there's something I really don't want spoiled, I'll simply ignore the threads.

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Then why are you looking up things on the internet anyway?

Checking the reactions and discussion of fellow readers of the good translation is also a form of enjoyment for many.

I roll with it, although I'm the type of guy who will read the last paragraph of a book just to see where the plot is heading.

I can't remember my enjoyment of something ever being affected by spoilers

But I've had people angrily yell at me for saying that _I_ saw a spoiler in a fan art and they should stay off twitter until we finished the show. Zero details, just, "there is a spoiler that exists, be careful." And they reacted the same as if I'd said the actual spoiler.

There's no way all of that emotional potential is based on reality, at least some of it is definitely a learned performance

If something is actually good, being spoiled shouldnt matter.

Why are trannys obsessed with this character?

I remember reading some spoilers on Yas Forums about some shows and then when I watched them it turned out it wasn't true or was just some stupid shit without context.
Also most of the time there's a huge memory/time gap from when I read the spoilers to actually watching the show so I don't even remember them.

Sometimes spoilers can ruin some moments that would've been exciting surprises, like Kite's death in HXH or Rikiishi's death in Ashita no Joe

I try to selectively forget any spoilers I've seen, also most times spoilerfags don't give you any context to the thing that they're spoiling. saying "X DIES" doesn't actually tell me how, and the how should be the interesting part anyway.

Deaths are not new things. The interesting thing about stories is how people tell them and what they want to convey through the stories.

I actually pick up stuff based on spoilers

Vampire Gabu > Angel Gabu

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On trick is if you read a spoiler accidentally, don't dwell on it. Immediately switch to another task so that you have a chance of pushing it out of memory before it gets permanently stored.

eze, i am not connected to any story or try to introduce myself with any MC like much people so if something happen i dont give a fuck.

sometimes is only a story or something, like with jojo, i was spoiled but that doesnt stop me from watching every part.

I have bad memory so I literally forget about the spoiler while I'm watching, and then one day I'll remember "oh yeah, user posted about timestop but I didn't think he was being serious about it lmao" long after I'm done with the series

If I like something, I want to know about it. Give me more spoilers.

I shrug.

there are only a handful of moments that spoiling really affects, often only like one or two major things in a show
and I've been spoiled on a bunch of shit that I'd have been absolutely fucking LIVID about if I encountered them in the show without forewarning

I dont care that much, people that lose their shit over getting spoiled are kinda funny to me. I'll still watch something thats been spoiled and enjoy it, berserks end got spoiled for me and I still thought it was great

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