Black Gakkou ni Tsutomete Shimatta Sensei Chapter 15

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That's it for tonight. I'm not sure when these come out, but I think the next one is either next week (or next month because national holiday next week)

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Thanks for the doomp, user.
And God I wish I was Sadacchi.

I made a thing.

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I would convert to mormonism and move to Utah if I were Saddachi.

Lmao imagine being a scanlation snitch. I hope someone steals that fucking nerd's lunch money.

so a scanlator got sniped and now he's trying to get all the scans taken down? that's hilariously pathetic.

He wasn't even sniped, he's just being a faggot.

On the subject of MTL scannys, if anyone wants to TL, I'm up for taking another of that shitter group's series:

I can't read moon but I hope you can do it, fuck that guy.