Was this show legitimately good, or did you guys watch it just to get boners?

Was this show legitimately good, or did you guys watch it just to get boners?

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It's arguably the best beach volleyball series

the manga gave me big stanky boaner

Yes. I initially picked it up simply because hot girls playing beach volleyball but I stuck with it because I ended up genuinely enjoying it.

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How many beach volleyball series are there?

After over a decade, I finally found my waifu thanks to that show. So yes, very comfy show.

i watch DOA volleyballz instead...

It's legitimately great.

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It's actually an alright watch, volleyball asses aside. (Although the volleyball asses are definitely a plus.)

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i came for butt, stayed for butt, and remember it for butt (but also it's a pretty good anime)


I enjoyed it. The OST is great and Yuri and the butts were a nice bonus.

Please do not lewd my waifu. Kind regards, user.

No one is watching for the story. Everyone watches with their dick now.

It was pretty decent. I remember enjoying it. The matches kind of dragged, but butt.

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Needs more Thomas oyakodon

That's legitimately creepy. Her hand is coming out of the hole to get you.

it was ok but I wish they wore sexier swimsuits. both this and keijo needed it bad.

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My favorite thing about Harukana Receive was how all the girls were soft yet firm. It was like if I poked them they'd be marshmellow-like but with a defined shape.

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It's not bad at all, but yeah, the butts are important.

a bit on column A,a bit on column B

she does it herself,dude

The butts make it legitimately good.

>Not learning superior Beach volleyball techniques
This is why you will be small time. See you at nationals faggots

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Even now i still listening to the soundtrack

I must know where I can buy cute swimsuits like this.