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Satan's birthday thread

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Happy birthday mastermind

I want to kiss her

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Happy birthday to Ugallu's step-dad!

Handy birthday chart

Japan is always a day ahead

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FRESH PEACH WHEY PROTEIN and happy birthday Satan!

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I want to kiss my cute autistic crocs wearing flat chested husband (female) Momo!

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Happy birthday!

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t. Shamiko

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That's a cute calendar

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What kind of whisky does she have?

Peach soda = momo
Orange juice = Mikan
Milk = Shami
Mysterious liquid on the back shelf has Lilith tagged on it
Apple juice
and Ramune

Does she have Shamiko's milk?

Where's the alcohol?

They're underage obviously

Gosenzo isn't fucking underage.

I don't find her appealing or attractive at all.

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Literally how? She's not best or anything (that would be もんも) but she's still great.

>1 month until the next chapter

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Thoughts about Mikan x Anri?

A bit too "pair the spares" for me, not everyone needs to be paired up.

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I find it cute but that's it

I mean it's OK but it's no Mikan x Mikan's dad.

What kind of magic spell is she going to cast?

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Snack Time


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thats clearly high king