Scenes of Bakarina doing her business in the restroom after eating too much when?

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Does toilet paper exist in the game?

With me underneath.

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Setting is roughly based in Europe so I'm sure they're fine with water, unlike modern American weird obsession with toilet paper.

Fertilizer does

Some people don't like the feelings of a swampy bottom

I want her to shit on her crops for nutrients then feed her harem those veggies

Untreated human feces are a terrible fertilizer

They know about composting

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Something smells contradictory

Why is she Sweden?

Imagine the smell.

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then dry it after

Are you talking about manure because you've had enough with spoilers?

Don't mind me, just posting waitress bakarina.

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We just want her to poop on us.

You already have lord Genome.

Do you think her shit is usually runny, or does she make large, girthy turds?

What if Bakarina destroyed all the death flags when she was a child but then did nothing after the time skip and let the events play out? Would they all fall in love with Maria instead but Bakarina still escapes her fate?
For example, what if she didn't step in here and Geodude did instead like he was supposed to?

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I like to think it's diarrhea, so it can flow freely into my nasal cavity.

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Actually we want to watch her poop

On me.

I don't think the game world will let something that convenient happen. Bakarina will be set up and meet a bad end, although it may just be exile.

What kind of plug does Katarina use to keep it all in?

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The only things she deliberately did to "destroy the death flags" was tend to a field every day, learn how to wield a sword, improve her Dirt Bump by a few cm and make a bunch of toy snakes. Every single one of these endeavors was ultimately pointless. She destroyed the death flags purely just by being herself and doing what she wanted.

Was she supposed to die in the game?

Is this anime worth watching? I'm not really watching anything else right now.

She thought that she's playing the role of a good wingman through all of that.

Die or get exiled. Around half the endings in Fortune Lovers involves Katarina getting exiled or killed based on her actions. If she just bullies Maria relentlessly, she gets exiled. If she tries to assault Maria with a knife, she gets killed. Since Bakarina would never do either of these things, she was technically safe from the destruction ends from the start.

However, at some point, the world started to kinda adapt to her and deliberately try to move things in that direction, hence why the confrontation event ended up happening anyway.

I want to pick flowers with Bakarina in her garden.

She's supposed to get exiled in the canonical end of the first game and she's likely to die in the second.

A homemade one that Tom helped her develop.

There's a second game?

I keep forgetting that Bakarina is supposed to be the villain of this series instead of the MC.

Yeah. Haven't you read previous threads? Second game picks up right after graduation from the academy and goes to the magic ministry.

Girogiro is the villain of the series.
Maria is MC of the world
Bakarina is MC of the show.

Bakarina is the MC of Maria's heart.

Yes indeed.

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civilized people use water