We post winners!

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>Open ending
you aquafags never seem to amaze me, have you lost all your brain cells already?

oops, wrong pic

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Aqua swoops in for the late victory
Absolutely based

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She's cute but she's not a winner

I hate darkness, i wish she was killed episode 1. There's no reason for her to exist.

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>no reason for her to exist.
Muscle girl porn

I don't particularly care about who that criminal pedoneet loves but it sure is funny to see meguniggers mad.


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But she's a fat pig.

>I hate megumeme, i wish she was killed episode 1. There's no reason for her to exist.
Fixed that for you. Also, Wiz a best but Aqua and Darkness are top tier, too.

>Given the choice of an autistic demon or a literal goddess you pick the goddess
Who could have seen that coming

You guys are gonna regret this you know

We count those


("Do the "" cause you anxiety?")

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Where is the pregnancy art though I need pregnancy art if she wins

Megumeme niggers won't do shit.

That's even better

wiz, darkness, and aqua all fuckin suck, what in the fuck are you talkin about?
the 2 characters of any worth in that show are megumin and kazuma

>all the buttblasted megamemefags

>2 years after the ending

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She can't get pregnant. Everything in her turns into pure water.

Holy based

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You've heard of Puerto Rico strange traveler? Seriously, you have a problem, in ***person** fuck-switch. Dazzling vs Grey c'mon.

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>This will be the quality of post from the average megumiloser from now on

What a time to be alive, Aquabros...

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They will mock you when everyone realizes that this is an open ending
I hope they're not taking screenshots

Did I stutter motherfucker???
If my post is divisible by 11.5 then you

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Aqua won? That is unexpected.

Did Isekai Quartet gave her a popularity boost?

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Is this the best timeline?

Winners need to get pregnant

I would but i'm not that petty

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>Open ending
>Harem ending

A year will pass and you will keep spamming these words

Demigod babies when?

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Is there something I'm missing here?

There is an epilogue that show that Kazuma is still living with Aqua and Megumi. It doesn't add much to the story

meguminfags cope

Pathetic and delusional megumincel, you'll need a lot of these

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The hell, I thought a Megumin end was established ages ago.
Is the LN still going after this or is it ending?

My condolences to your family.

What happened to Darkness?

Locked up in the devil kings dungeon, just how she wanted it.

She is not important

This is the end and Aqua won.

Don't bother, discordfags are memeing out.

Yes. This is the leaker(snky)'s facebook account

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When did Aqua get so popular, anyway? I always felt like I was in the minority for loving Aqua.

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I don’t believe you