Dumping this yuri oneshot to see if anons can untangle this mess

Dumping this yuri oneshot to see if anons can untangle this mess

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All I see is a bunch of artwork and table of contents OP, what's there to untangle?

Hardly anyone is going to give a shit here. The only yuri threads that go anywhere are shitpost riddled low quality template general threads.

Be patient, user

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>namori + DRAMA


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are these pages out of order or something?

Yeah, this guy ruined my dump. Thread over I guess.

Lmao the first time someone pretending as me on Yas Forums. So are you going to dump the rest or not? I was waiting for you to finish.

I'll dump the rest then
Page 15 here

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Fuck off, faker.

The fuck are you on? I'm OP. I made the thread. What is your dumb bullshit even suppose to accomplish? Are you just trolling for the heck of it?

Page 18 here

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Page 21 22 23

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Last one

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It's the best, between this and "Yuri Yuri 2"

I had to reread this once to get the full picture

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You're right OP. This is a mess