Kaguya-sama manga

This girl is too cute

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I’d let her kiss the tip of my penis with her uvula.

What new horror is this?

My wife!

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She is. But we just found someone cuter.

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Disgusting haircut

I love Ai-san too
but Dera is Dera

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How can Aka dicksuckers stand how he ruined Hayasaka?

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True Ai Hayasaka fans do not care what length her hair cut is. Ai Hayasaka looks beautiful no matter what she wear or how she styles her hair. Those in this thread that diss her hair can eat my dick.

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Hayasaka is pure.

Dunno. How can Negi dicksuckers support a manga that had the same girl cloned 5 times?

Yup, they really are beauties
With their differences in looks and personalities, they are truly remarkable.


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They cute

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What the actual fuck?

It's Miko.

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Who is the artist of this one?

what killed the hype?

>head size
>that weird chest
He can't really draw, can he?

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Cute art style.

Why are there unironic Onodera fans? She's closer to a nobody than to a main character.


very cute

La goblina enana...

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She is nice and cute
That's enough

Ishigami x Karen is the best.

Retira lo dicho. Miko es una belleza.