Do people actually think that Griffith did nothing wrong or is it a meme? He's as fuckable as he is twisted

Do people actually think that Griffith did nothing wrong or is it a meme? He's as fuckable as he is twisted

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It's almost always pure memery, anyone who sincerely believes it is deranged. I mean, they're posting here for fuck's sake.

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Also he did nothing wrong

>Noooo when I said I would die to fulfill your dream I meant I would be a mercenary and kill the people you told me too I didn't mean you could actually sacrifice me

I think he didn't do anything wrong. If he didn't make the offering all the dead hawks would have died for nothing. Plus he would have been a vegetable for the rest of his life

he got fucked by Gennon, because he's a Twink digger

Yeah Griffith was a monster from the start, he even mentions how he hated that Guts actually had an effect on him emotionally.

Have you ever thought this world is unfair, rotten or beyond redemption? That the masses are born to suffer and die while a few privileged get to reap all the wealth and comfort? If you did, it's not that fair of a stretch to empathize with someone in a similar situation who sought to make a change. The older I get, the more I think Griffith did nothing wrong, in the moral angle of the saying.

Yeah he did nothing wrong, he only killed like half of the world population so he can larp as a king.

he did nothing wrong

I want Slan to sit on my face. Surely some causality would lead to that.

you are memeing right?

there is a massive difference between dying in battle as a soldier and being sacrificed to demons by a person you trusted.

Griffith did nothing right.

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Griffith did being sexy as fuck right

guys like Griffith are the reason fags exist today. makes you thing if "god" is becoming a fag too

Politicians are demons yet soldiers still die for their oil money.

He did nothing wrong. Had Guts just deep dicked Griffith, none of this would've happened. All Guts had to do was pull Griffith in and give him the most passionate kiss no woman could possibly give him. This alone would've been enough to sway Griffith away from his plans and instead become Guts' lover. Therefore, the fault lies on Guts, not Griffith.

that's subjective. most soldiers know what they're getting into. putting your trust in comrades goes beyond this reality
fags like you don't have valuable inputs

Griffith was mentally broken because he got his man crush left him and he got cucked by Casca
You just know...

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It is his destiny to become the 5th Apostles. What is wrong with fulfilling your destiny?

>it was my destiny to molest that kid.whats wrong with fulfilling your destiny?

destiny is a cope.

>he did casca with the position he learned from the book

>Dying to a human
>Dying to a demon
Tell me what's the difference? You're just dying in the end.

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He did wrong but the Guts tantrum is the absolute factor in the ecuation. Fate fucked them over because if he didn't listen to Griffith he would have stayed but he did and, instead of talking about it like an adult, he just fucked off (fucking Griffith's psyche)

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Guts is not responsible for Griffith's mental health.

It is actually. At least it is if you talk shit about caring about the person.

Oh, boy! Another exciting post-storytime thread! Ebin.

>Discussion is bad

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>i only deal in absolutes

Griffith expects guts to help him pursue his dream but wont give guts the freedom to pursue his own dream, even though that dream is just to be equal to griffith.

guts cared a lot, so much that he wanted to be griffiths equal, and the only way to do that was to leave and find his own dream.

Griffiths is clearly a terrible person, but Guts also is.

Guts has killed a ridiculous amount of people for sake of convenience. Nobodies without names mostly, it's not just the cartoonish villain characters. He's killed a bunch of completely blameless people too, like the kid of the dude Griffiths wanted him to kill. And not everyone who is a guard or a soldier is a bad person or even intended to risk their lives in their obligations. It's funny that Griffiths was caught up in the mountain of bodies that were sacrificed for his dream but Guts don't seem to give half a shit about all the people he's killed over the years, besides maybe Gambino.

And if you deep dive into it, he's also responsible for all the people who have gotten killed around him because he is marked. He wandered around killing tons of people and some apostles instead of trying to find anywhere safe or anything like the witch's lands or elfbergheimland.