FMAB or AoT?

FMAB or AoT?

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FMAB because it had a good ending while it seems like AoT won't have a good end.

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Mustard or Ketchup?

a solid show vs plotfags show with shitty first season, awful manga art and 2 actually good characters in the whole show.
also anime from 2010 looks better than 2018/2019 studio Wit Garbage.

Any version of FMA > AoT


how is this even a question. FMA

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neither cuz they suck

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No, it's more like Mayo from the fridge or mayo from the counter that's been out 3 days

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fmab, a million times over

How do you capture screencaps like this without actually visiting the site, I wonder..

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Unironically Kimetsu and Mob Psycho.

You're kidding.

I like AoT more

FMAB. The writing is air tight.

Nope. Kimetsu(counting manga)>FMAB

Dont get me wrong tho. I give FMAB an 8. Im not calling Kimetsu a masterpiece.

FMAB. AoT has abnoxious or retarded characters and when MC transfromed into titan I've just dropped it because it was too unbelievably moronic.

FMAB was both fun to watch and was an emotional roller coaster.

AoT is just fun to watch the world doesn't make much sense at all. (Not to mention time travel so you have lots of time paradogs now)

It got worse after that.

Both are good

does it matter?
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