Suddenly one morning

>you wake up
>your waifu is in your bedroom, she stares at you
>she is upset, she says something to you
>you can't speak Japanese and you can't understand her
How do you cope?

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read the subtitles

Use the language all women understand and punch her right in the eye

i thank god I live in the future and pull out my phone with google translate

Learn Japanese.

We don't need words to understand each other, we will use our whole bodies.

Wonder why I forgot Japanese. It's probably a dream.


Freak out because theres an infinitely thin 2D plane infront of me.

I can translate her words and then learn the language.

Depending on the situation and what she was speaking, that'll change my answer. If it's some "we've been together for some time" scenario i can just play the amnesia card and go to a doctor, because it might as well have been that

Hand her my phone and ask her to use it to translate whatever she meant to say into engrish.

She's exactly why I'm learning Japanese. I'd probably get the gist.

I know enough to communicate simple things, I'd probably be able to get by and learn more.

But I know a bit of Japanese. I might not be the smartest but I'm sure I'd at least understand a little of what she's trying to say


Mate, Mikan-chan.

*Opens up Google Translator*

But she speaks kansai

first, I log on my computer and check if we're in the correct timeline.
then I make sure she isn't actually Baron Ashura in disguise.
Finally, I disregard her complaints and hug her soft twintails, multiple times.

I know enough Japanese to be able to read LNs and tutorial books from subjects I'm familiar with. I don't doubt I'll be able to communicate with my wife if we were together.

As far as I know she shouldn't but that sounds amazing, I know I'd struggle with it but I'm sure I'll make it

Jokes on you, i only watch dub.


tell her to speak english like god intended

I read online that the only Japanese word you need to know to get by is "naruhodo". So I'd just give her a couple of those while stroking my chin pensively.

I know exactly why she's upset, my room is disgusting. I guess I'd try to calm her down with a good dicking.

What this guy said.





>you can't speak japanese
But I can speak japanese. Not that that would help me, there's almost no chance that whatever future language she speaks even resembles any modern earth language.

>you can't speak Japanese and you can't understand her