Make a pure girl

>make a pure girl
>make her look unpure
wtf love live

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Why would you want him to kiss his sister?

I want to be Ai's platonic friend and tell dumb jokes with her

Love Live! has degenerate girls, that are voice by degenerate seiyuu for a degenerate fanbase.

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Idols are whores by nature

99% Similarity?

I don’t care. I stand with EMTN.

Fuck she's perfect

proof or didn't happen

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>shitty mobage art gets an anime
should be the other way around
LL has degenerated

>>make her look unpure
idols pls ojisans for money.

If you want degenerate seiyuu, just look at Arisha twitter.

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what a gross homo, it'd be disgusting if she were to act on her urges and force herself on one of the others. Simply wrong if she were to feel her up after isolating her from any form of help and getting her intoxicated so she wouldn't be able to resist as the lesbian's fingers penetrate her her most private areas slick with forced pleasure. Simply a disgusting girl really...

Eww yuck
How could such people imagine a pure girl like Riko pushing a girl into the bed and encage her in place by her towering presence as she slowly descend unto the little girl's innocent lips, her hand gently slittering down to the sacred crevice between her legs and enjoying the muffled moans that the poor one kept on crying out as she buckled with every indecent stroke.
Like, how could they. How they even think of her carressing the poor girl's breast and pressing on her hard nipples to further heighten the torment that Riko so delightfully enjoyed as she licked the beady sweat that began forming on the girl's neck as their heat continued to rise


How exactly do blondes work in the LL universe?

they sing and dance mainly

>purity in the female gender

I bet Rina-chan is a blowjob magician

Really nice image user, thanks

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Automatically get paired with the blue girl

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Wasn’t one of the voice actors a porn star?


rabu rina

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I will never unsee this. What have you done to me?

Loving every laugh

Pure sex

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I want to fuck Ai!

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I am warning you.

I'm so cute.

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Who wouldn't?

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