Dragon Ball Super

Since it's confirmed Bulma hasn't seen Goku for 5 years prior to EoZ, meaning Goku will be removed from the story.

What are your thoughts on the new and improved main character for DBS going forward?

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dunno but vegeta is undefeated against goku.

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based and canon.

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Future trunks should of been the protagonist

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On the supreme Kai's planet? What happened here?

A wrong was righted


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>Gayhan the jobber

>moekufags hiding behind toyo's waifu
>too scared to face BULLHan
he'll fuck your wife even if she is his mother little BITCH

Memery aside, expect the 5 years line to be ignored by way of
>Oh, that was just a rough estimate [raughs]

Enter two horny saiyans

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It's never coming back so it doesn't matter.

me on the left.


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it'll get retconned like bardock and putara's fusion.

The OOC edits in these fucking threads keep getting worse, but I still laugh at them.

>Faghan the faggot clothes wearing degenerate mother fucker

Who is Goku's true rival?

me to your left

akira toriyama who keeps jobbing him out all the time

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He found out that he fucked the girl supreme kai and because of this Xicor/Zaiko existed, and because of this Goku Black existed

>gayku projectionists haven’t had brown boy butt so they are cranky

Bring me bitchgeta. I'm starving for his other arm.

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woah there faggola. can’t let you do that

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Fuck you and fuck Goku


>yfw Golden Giran shows up and kills Goku.

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>fuck goku
that is life’s job

>monkeys racemixing with humans
It was foolish for my brother to launch his supernova before making sure all of the saiyans were back to their space ghetto.

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So Cell wasn't the only one with the fat allahu ackbar...

me first

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Goku already got coronachan, it's called heart disease

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>he is already dead

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Pic related is the best moment in all Dragon Ball.
Prove me wrong.

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Old bread found

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