He's a better MC than Dekcuck

he's a better MC than Dekcuck

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It's better asking for a MC that's worse than deku

I want to say those retarded isekai op yet ultra bland MCs. Just as awful in the opposite way.

Koichi is based and all but its not really that hard to be a better MC than Decuck.

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He's better than the cuck. Actually he's a decent MC, not one of the best for sure but proper for the story

He's the man that is a better protagonist than Dekcuck, The Crawler!

Deku is the worst so everyone else wins by default

The Prowler?

Fuck Decucks
Fuck 7 quirckers
And Fuck the Bunny
Thank you.

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The Howler*

Don't get me wrong, Koichi is based. I only have Dekucuck (and his retarded rival)

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>I want to say those retarded isekai op yet ultra bland MCs. Just as awful in the opposite way.
They are still better imo, deku literally idolizes someone who constantly abuses him, the isekai protagonist at least are gary stu that get bitches

Deku is utter shit and so is BNHA
no surprise that anyone else is better

doesn't take much

The latest chapter was entertaining, and its cool how well his powers were scaled, I prefer the slow unlocking of a quirks potential, to OH MY 7 any day of the week.

>Deku is utter shit and so is BNHA
For a world with superheroes they feel so weak, imagine if a meteor falls. What the fuck they're gonna do?

I still don't get why couldn't be A HERO without powers, like I understand he couldn't be number one, but thats not what being a hero is about, but I guess for Decuck if he can't have it his way theres no point in him trying. Its why I like Koichi more,even though his dreams couldn't be achieved he did everything in his power to help those around him in the best way that he could.

It's not the amount of power that characters have, what matters is the writing. MHA writing is garbage

godtier taste user

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Because they're a bunch of people doing heroic shit for money and not because it's the correct thing to do. Tiger and Bunny did this shit right.

I can somewhat understand it as its like a job, but I don't get how someone without a quirk is completely barred off when a lot of people have quirks that are practically useless save for niche situations. I keep thinking back to the way Stain moved and how the fucker was wall jumping and all that other crazy shit, all that came from his own training and not his quirk.

Deku is more marketable tho, so he's the better MC

the MC of Zipman

the Cruller*

Is our eternal boy Koichi gonna make it bros?

Never read zipman. Does the MC sucks his bully cock like a lollipop?

i want him to save thot-step, but I still want the other girl to win

he'll live but AFO will take his quirk

Koichi and Pop Step are gonna retire of being heroes and live a happy life as a couple. Knuckleduster is gonna make it too.

Yeah. I bet this is the incident where All Might loses the ability to stay transformed 24/7. Koichi is going to save pop and defeat time fucker but in the process lose his quirk. All Might will come in and duel AFO and win but be injured like he is in the start of MHA, and hopefully Koichi and Popstep will fuck like rabbits for a while.

I hope Koichi shows up in the main show too.

>I still don't get why couldn't be A HERO without powers

Because the villains have superpowers

Because if something goes wrong then they could get sued for letting a civilian to do dangerous shit. Not everyone is Bruce Wayne and has infinite money to dress like a flying rat and fight a crazy clown, a lesbo plant and a big guy who's for you.

>Because the villains have superpowers
Nighteye trashed rappa despite not having a quirk made for fighting

Clones are weaker

it's already been confirmed this series takes place after that incident