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I hate women so easily


I always wondered what zombie pussy would feel like.

translated already?

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Cute, but despair.

I can't quite put in words how cute I found this page.


She knows exactly what she's doing. What a tease.

Boku no Kokoro no Yabai Yatsu

Now make a vocaroo of yourself saying it 10 times fast.

she's not teasing, she's on the hunt.

spoonfeeding should result in an automatic 24 hour ban

Are you cute, like Ichikawa? If not, then please grow out of your cringeworthy chuuni phase already.


Only if it's easy to find the sauce, like this manga.

I would chop off her arms and legs, pull out her teeth then use her as my own personal onahole

There's blood and death in this page and I still thinks is the most lovely shit in the planet.

Jesus! I'd kill her to save her from this living hell of perpetual user rape.

Yeah, it's usually the people who hesitate to bash a zekes head in that are the first to die in a zombie flick.
Also, sauce please, good sir.

whatever you say, baby bitch.

slow down there ichikawa

>noooo if someone doesnt know a series you have to act like its a cool secret club

If Yas Forums isn't a cool sekrit klub then what am I doing with my life?

drop your bottle somewhere huh?

>Yamada thighs

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It's not a matter of knowing it or not, it's a matter of just having a couple of buttons to click to find the name and even a direct link to the series on Mangadex.


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>Look how cool I am guys! I can't reverse image search a full manga page for a source! Haha!!

Well maybe instead of complaining about le spoonfeeding, you can teach another person about reverse image search. Teach a man to fish and whatnot.

>corona reference
Sasuga, Norio-sensei

very cute, ichikawa i mean.

This isn't a classroom, fuck off.

No, thats what lurking is for fags dont do it anymore