One Piece

Where is he?

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cat nap

What did redon mean by this?

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reminder that you fags are ALWAYS wrong, and I am ALWAYS right.

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eating lasaga

Hanging out with Marco on Whitebeard's home island.

You're still wrong because Oda pulled the "he got so angry he literally shapeshifted" card.

You are not real though

Keep seething - I was right

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yeah, that last spoiler line was the most puzzling one

Literally. Shapeshifted. His. Face.

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Roster for OP fighting game
Turns out 40 is like the bare minimum.

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Wait a minute...

Killer, Bonney, Queen, Shillew, and Beckmann can be replaced with better characters.

imagine seething for 20 years because your husband hasn't come home and it changing your face

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Who's Kaido's baby momma? Big Mom?

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That's just what happens to women when they hit the wall.

Literally. Wrong. Get. Fucked.

he is going to save the SH at the last moment from Catarina Devon currently mimicrying Jinbe

so are you saying denjiro hit the wall?

Blackbeard caught him by using a laser pointer.

Denjiro is not a woman.

are you sure?
I've never seen him with facial hair

She is still very cute

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Or just thrown out.

Pick one.

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>bullied by kaido and lives
>fights a fleet admiral gravity admiral and tsuru and lives/gets away
>gets hit full force by the biggest thing in OP and lives, wakes up moments later
>fights 3 boomer scabbards and lives, btfo'ing all three

Well yeah but then our roster would be 4 short.

yeah she is
also pretty based for giving a poor transwoman down on her luck a job

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Pretty sure art art is the only one with open orifices anymore so her.

警告してください!巨大地震が起こるでしょう。洪水。数百万人が死ぬ。日本。 2020年5月


>Don't trust everything they post, even if it comes from sources that seem "trustworthy" ...
Have we been bamboozled?

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Tsuru is based and doesn't get the love she deserves, doesn't missgender kiku, wont snitch, fed BM and healed Tama and zoro and is one of the few unique looking women in op while still being a cutie

Kin is a lucky guy

Jack's a survivor

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Zoro will slay Kaido

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