Mewkledreamy, Prichan, Aipare and more

Is Mewkledreamy the cutest mascot show yet?

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aipare sucks

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Meltic Star are kinda big

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Non is my friend.

Looks like that ainon was right.

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All you gotta do is shake your body

I miss mewkledreamy. Fuck Corona-chan.

I miss Garugaku. Fuck Corona-chan.

I miss ainon. I want to Fuck ainon.

Who is the biggest now?

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Why would Sara be interested in the size of another girl's breasts?

Yume heard y’all calling her Yucke...

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I only ever called hdr Yummy.

3 bellies being shown.

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>hdr Yummy.
Ew, imagine yucke in even more dynamic range.

Why jymmy pronounces Yume as UK?

Anna is padding. Until I see a fully nude model nothing will change my mind.

Yume is channeling Kuuga I see

God I...

A girl could never beat you in a 1v1.

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Mewkwedweamy, Pwichan, Aipawe and mowe

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I like the Mewkles more than when I first saw their character designs, but I think previous Sanrio shows like Jewelpet and Mymelo have cuter mascots.

Can someone post the KK mega?

I think most people feel the same way.
I thought the character designs looked a little boring, but the personality and energy makes up for it.

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Where is the promised Chili and Juri?

In my basement, go get them. Be careful because the door only opens from the outside.

Is there aikatsu tomorrow!?

>tomodachikara cancer

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Yummy has a nice flat chest.

Action Koharu never.

Why do you watch things you know you don't like and then complain about them?

The biggest asspull in the aikatsu franchise.

So I can properly criticize how shit the show is.

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Please feel free to post about your adventures with the characters.

By the way O MY ZONE is never used again after this.

>properly criticize
good joke


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I saw Ako kissing Kirara