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Requesting bloody and angry Ai and Rina fighting and beating the fuck out of each other

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Requesting Dyspo the Pride Trooper wearing Jeice's clothes.

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Requesting a loli Asuka calling Tomoko her onee-chan, and Tomoko having a nosebleed.

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Requesting Arte in her blue outfit(left), bound and gagged like in the ref. Busty/thicc is optional. Messy art supplies in the background could be interesting, like it’s a burglary.

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Requesting Lala Satalin Deviluke as a "Super Devilukean" or "Pure Devilukean mode", in which her hair become black, her eyes yellow (or red) with cat pupils, and her tail obtain her father's tail design.

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Requesting Kon the shikigami and Senko-san the kitsune giving their spiels/arguing over who is better

Feel free to do something different though, I just want to see these two foxes doing their thing together

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Requesting Thin Mode Hikafune dressed in an apron, sweater and jeans looking at the viewer while leaning over and tying/untying the apron

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Requesting Ochako wounded like Mirko

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Requesting kung-fu master Yoshiko

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Requesting the top left pic but with Android 18.

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Requesting Nia Honjou with a Wholesome smile while using her Astral Dress!

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Shame on you user, Arte's outfit is clearly green!

Requesting these two characters from Magi being auctioned naked as slaves in Qishan.

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I think this one is cuter. Especially the belt and the light blue cloth around her waist.

Okay, did you use my ref pic I was using? I was requesting something with her too.

Requesting Segawa Onpu in girly punk/goth fashion.
(The outfit references aren't all that good but they should get the idea across)

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No, I found this on google. I just thought she looked cute in blue. The green one is nice, but I still think the blue is better.

Requesting a butt view of Serena in the Pokemon anime wearing Ash's clothes from XY in a pose like the one below.


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Requesting the stalker from Perfect Blue as a horribly cheesy male idol.
Maybe doing the pose on the top left towards a crowd of cheering fangirls.

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Requesting Yukari Akiyama as a robot/cyborg like on the right, holding a one-handed peace sign to her head.

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Kylie from Kouya no Kotobuki Hikoutai getting bloodily shot down by the P-38 Lightning-J. And by bloody I mean her body being turned into Swiss cheese by .50 cal rounds. The P-38 needs to have a silver-almost chrome like painting with navy blue propeller nose cones and a Power Rangers like Black Lightning bolt on its nose with "Black Lightning" written in fancy cursive below it. The tail rudders would have the same black lightning logo and the top 1/5 of them should be navy blue. If possible make the wingtips navy blue also.

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Shimakaze completely hammered drunk after beating Kongo in a whiskey shot drinking contest. She's very drunkingly happy she won too.

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Kanna Kamui having unconsciously transformed into her Dragon form (Top left and bottom right) while taking a nap on the couch (Top right). Her large body having wrecked the inside of Kobayashi-san's apartment (bottom left) and her head and long neck having broken down the sliding balcony door with her head draped over the railing (Middle right). All the while she is still asleep.

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No user I meant the outfit you are using is colored green not blue like her footwear.

Requesting the top image but with Miss Shamour

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Oh shit really? I’m blind. Looks blue to me lol.

Also thought you meant this

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Requesting Frolaytia Capistrano in Bremerton's tennis outfit

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requesting a plump, busty Jinako dressed in a slutty version of Saber's outfit. A midriff, a short skirt, high heels and big earrings. Make her try to mimic Saber's hairstyle but the hair bun ends up like in the ref, because of her long hair

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Oh damn it you were correct, they look so similar from a thumbnail perspective. My apologies.

can someone draw Julian in a cute outfit? I have never seen Julian in a maid costume.

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Requesting Cirma Garahau based on Lelouch's design with her colour scheme. Include versions with both masks if you like and alter the helmet's design as you please.

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(if musclebro is hanging around ) please requesting Lumberjack (files.catbox.moe/js8tly.png) showing off like this gervits.com/wp-content/uploads/import/Nude/01-900x1126.jpg

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