the strongest heroic spirit

> the strongest heroic spirit
> never won a single holy grail war
what went wrong?

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strong =/= smart

Power isn't everything.
In fact it's barely a foot in the door, really.

>what went wrong?
Read the novels to find out.

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He won the FZ holy grail war as much as any of them.

Too gay to use his stupid alien sword drill thing.

All the strength in the world doesn't matter if you're too arrogant to use it.

His fucking legend literally revolves around him being humbled. He can’t escape Fate.

>> the strongest heroic spirit

Not even true for years now.

Fatecucks will defend this shitty writing when they hype up some jobber to be undefeatable and then the underdog mops the floor with him.

No it's still true.

Note that there are things stronger than Heroic Spirits.

>they hype up some jobber to be undefeatable and then the underdog mops the floor with him.

Fate did not invent the concept of the underdog coming out on top lol read a book.

Pride is always a killer, but he's also rather dumb

At least he had good time with Kotomine.

What the fuck are you talking about. He "won" Zero's HGW. In the end, he was the last servant standing


Gilgamesh literally has one of, if not the best win record in fate. Cope.

He won the grail war several times in the bad ends.

Wrong. He’s the strongest.

He's holding back

Agreed. Artoria was getting assfucked by him.

He wins in the majority of timelines though? Nash even said that Shirou only stops him in a single timeline, and it is such a miracle it could never be replicated.

I'd even argue he wasn't even the absolute strongest in certain aspects back then.

how would you win a grail war with gil? he doesn't seem the type to be controlled by anyone

You know he could just said that Assassin won in most timelines of the Stay/Night grail War and it wouldn't change anything right, cuz he dies in all three routes. Why does Nasu even like Gilgamesh so much anyway

Technically the only person in F/SN who doesn't win a war is Kotomine, afair he's always a fatality according to F/HA.

It depends on which version of Gill, since in literally every appearance he has a different personality. Zero Gill, Fate route Gill, UBW Gill, and Extraverse Gill are all radically different personalities, with Extraverse Gill probably being the one you could get along with the best.

I don’t understand why he even answers the grails call. He has his own holy grail that he uses as a drinking cup.

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for fun

God I fucking hate grand order. I thought it was established the grail is something he didn't actually have. You know, on account of Jesus not being alive and bleeding into it yet.

Zero literally made fate completly nonesensical to me.
>all of arthurias development just gone
>she can‘t remember the battle withe the spear guy
>most of her character stuff just resetted
>the whole story is miles weaker than zero
Zero is good. And king arthur beeing a woman was a great idea

zero was written after F/SN and takes place in a completely different timeline

hack writing 101

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You don't. You just command seal him to kill himself and pray the Church will protect you.

Can’t he cancel it out with his own command seals he has in GoB?

In defense, it's also two different writers. What probably happened is
>F/SN is written
>Nasu and Urobuchi meet somehow, get along fairly well, Urobuchi wants to write for Fate and make Zero
>Nasu doesn't really oversee it
>then it comes out and it turns out there's a whole bunch of inconsistencies for a prequel
>oh fuck put it in a different timeline

>all of arthurias development just gone
>most of her character stuff just resetted
Arthuria is completely devastated by the end of Zero and wants to change her past. It's literally the same motivation she has in Stay/Night
>she can‘t remember the battle with the spear guy
Eh? You don know Zero Lancer and Stay Night Lancer are different characters, right?