Tried it based on the recommendation of someone on Yas Forums and was promised the deepest and most meaningful...

Tried it based on the recommendation of someone on Yas Forums and was promised the deepest and most meaningful experience in all of anime. Instead I was bored out of my literal mind so much I fell asleep. Never listening to Yas Forums again.

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It's just another shallow and dishonest crybait melodrama, no real character establishment of emotional payoff.

You got memed, user. VEG is just boring and overhyped.

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>deepest and most meaningful experience in all of anime
d-did you see her arms though? s-s-she aint got no arms

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I love my small and iconic wife, Violet.

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I wanted an anime with a decent story. I got a sleeping aid instead. Worst part is I don't have insomnia, so it's doubly useless.


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>Almost everything sold out
Why does Japan love her so much?

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>ywn bully Erica about her height

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it's her smile

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That smile is precious. I would murder anyone in order to protect it.

i dont think it's the deepest and meaningful experience in all of anime but it can leave a mark

The Saber merch was already sold out.

I think the plots introduced in most episodes are mechanically quite solid, the blocking and general cinematography is also quite good. The main problem is that the themes are really fucking boring and ineptly presented, which makes every positive aspect the show seems to have completely moot.

American Violet > Taiwanese Violet > Violet

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don't kill yourself

>he ate the VEGetables
don't worry OP, I will never get my time back after watching this garbage either

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Not enough brain-cells to follow along?

Maybe a bruise because the writing is constantly bludgeoning you over the head.

You feel for the schizo VEGautist's ramblings? Oh man, you have much to learn.

Does Violet qualify as being a yandere?

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Why arent the sperg autists coming out of the woodwork to defend their garbage anime, like usual?

she'd definitely become one if you kidnapped Gilbert

Predictable 2deep4u responses incoming

Would she smother me with her thighs if I kidnapped Gilbert?

I want to violate Violet's virginity!

It’s a good substitute for NyQuil.

She was such a mary sue

>being that beautiful
>in a camp filled with horny men

Not much to follow, but I did miss some stuff because I fell asleep I guess

VEGtards are completely retarded. Show was boring as fuck and action crap was idiotic.

It's a really fucking terrible light novel that got very high quality KyoAni adaptation so all KyoAni retards pretend it's some amazing story.

you must be so cool to hate on something that got popular really quick. i bet you fuck tons of bitches huh. damn

Will they animate the part where Violet finally finds happiness?

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