What manga deserves an anime

What manga deserves an anime

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Pretty Bell

Franken Fran

Absolutely none, adaptations a shit

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Where the fuck is Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer?

Cute tummy.

This. No anime means no retarded bandwagoning normalfaggots and especially no cuckshit.

Youkai Shoujo

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Doubutsu no Kuni

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I fucking loved Oretama when I read it a few years ago

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I mean you just posted it already.
If I had to name something else, Metroid I guess.

Sengoku Youko would make a great anime too.

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spirit circle

my brother

oretama was great if an ecchi animated version had a studio/director creative enough to make the good scenes more than just pans over the manga art

Hoshi no Samidare still needs an adaptation but gainax is dead so

Considering no one gave a shit about Planet With, I don't believe in the masses to give these the attention they deserve.

>Planet With
I never even heard of that until just now.


Deserves an anime with an anime original ending that isn’t awful

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the rest of Needless too

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Best girl who also needed a sex scene.

Maiko-san's art being ruined by CG is very painful to me.

Pretty Face

This one

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The voynich hotel or CITY

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Maybe a tad controversial on this one.

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This, but for Shamo. I still kind of like the ending of Shamo, but I'd like to see an alternate ending.[/spoiler/]

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