What’s the first thing you noticed about this picture?

What’s the first thing you noticed about this picture?

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waist ratio, and then midriff.


Thighs and skindentation


"Why would a girl need a zipper on her pants, let alone such a big one?"

it's a big dick

Cute tummy.

For you

Ease of access.

Her short shorts

While we are on the topic, I might aswell ask for your opinions.
I love jacking off to traps, but only if the dick isn't visible. Why is that? I prefer jerking off to traps than to normal 2D girls, but I still cannot fathom why that is, since I refuse to blow my load to a picture with even a couple pixels of dick in it.


The Smell

navel, precisely

Based and witnessed.

Just let me suck his dick already ffs.

The rims of the stockings forming a ~ shape

Tummy, mostly because it reminded me of pic related

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An exposed zipper is likely to damage upholstery or seating. In addition, the length is to the point that the structure of the seat is likely compromised, making it likely that the zipper will split when the wearer sits even the slightest bit roughly.

Ah... There's also skindentation.

Tummychads rise up
Post tummy

That the pockets on those shorts are too small to be in any way useful. Also, that's a loooooong zipper.

The navel

The pockets thing is a common feature of women clothing, though.


Fucking this.

The bulge.

this. based

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The thighs being fatter than I would've liked them to be.

From the thumbnail it was unf them booty shorts. Clicking on the image it was why does a change pocket need a closing flap?

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Her socks are too tight

that I want to lick that navel


Those shorts are so short