How big is too big

How big is too big

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wait a minute, this isn't the titty thread

Nah its even better


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can't wait to see what her daughter's packing

Horse cock

When it doesn't fit

Amazing how long this artist takes to draw just two pages once a month yet you all foam at the mouth over it.

Yes but that might not be final

I like my girls thicc and with dicks of all sizes dangling from their puffy balls that cover their pussies user, let me be

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Some anons were complaining about it, he might or might not change it.

He's gonna go on sketch tonight. I would post caps from last night, but I don't wanna get banned.

Mara is leaking.

He has two official manga he works on too. So I'd say cut him some slack.

He should release chapters monthly though. Like on an actual schedule.

post them in imgur or something

What mango

i dont understand futanari. Tell me Yas Forums, why do you want a penis on your girl?

We'll get finalized sketches tonight. He drew like 90% of the penis without the mosaic on last night, so he's almost done.

If the censorship is substantial, then I'll dump them on imgur.


Nobody knows, it's provocative

Elf-san wa Yaserarenai

He'll be streaming in like 30 minutes or so if his twitter is to be believed.

>kinda suck at drawing dicks
>just draw the shadows and outlines

I like penis and I like girls, but I do not like men

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>ywn suck that thing
it hurts bros

He's getting better.

Someone needs to tell him to make sure flaccid dicks he draws still have foreskin. Cut dicks are gross.

He is on

Truly his degeneracy knows no bounds. Based

He said he'll finish tonight. Expect chapter this weekend.

Supposedly it's like an optical illusion to the male brain. Studies show men have higher arousal if there is a penis next to an attractive female. Futa is just cutting out the middleman and attaching the dick to the girl.

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