Be honest Yas Forums, is comfy just a code word for boring?

Be honest Yas Forums, is comfy just a code word for boring?

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No, you just want to masturbate to ultraviolence and fake sex.

Grow up a bit first. Then you'll start to really appreciate those types of shows (if you will still be watching anime then).

and while "grow up" may sound insulting here it could not be more true.

Makoto is so fucking hot. Kinda looks like a airhead Shippuden Hinata.

comfy is pleasant
boring is not
how hard is this to understand

Nah senpai, for me at least a show needs to have interesting things going on for it to be comfy. Honestly, one of the key things is that you have a band of friends doing something together, and that something is often
>saving the world

Comfy is comfy moron. Thats why the series is great. People just chilling in the countryside doing goofy magic shit every now and then.

Also the fact half the girls have fat asses and thick thighs help.

Comfy to me is something that is relaxing to watch and enjoyable. Boring stuff is subjective to your own tastes.

What and said. After watching enough anime or maturing, you'll learn to enjoy shows people call "comfy". Most people who call them boring are teens still stuck in their shonenshit phase or edgy 2deep4u dorks.

I work too much and my life sucks so if I can read something where characters solve simple problems then it takes my mind off work. Comfy manga is a good alternative to substances.

Comfy is short for comfortable. You don't have to be a native speaker to figure that out.

So what would call those series if not comfy

Yep, these faggots have no lifes so watching people do mudane shit is New to them, i have so much of a life that i am sick of it so thats why i only watch balls to the wall animu.

>Here have a cup of tea Sagiri-chan
>Hehe arigatou :)
>x25 minutes

You're not alone user

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The duality of man

Fuck off

I want to fuck a witch

>a portion of the proceeds from that volume went to the kyoani arson fundraiser
It's certified comfy.

>he thinks going to school is “have so much of a life”

it can be.

there are a lot of socially acceptable lies in these times.

Which witch would you want to make twitch, user?

It usually means it's gotten into a groove. Too long in that grove usually means stagnation.
Iyashikei is the comfy genre. I tried so many different things in it and it just didn't click with me.

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Yes if you have ADHD

Thats where you're wrong faggot, my life is so interesting and action packed that I have to watch mundane comfy shows because that's the only way I can know what boring stuff is like.

Sounds like you need to watch "balls to the walls" anime because your regular life is boring.

Honest to God I can't watch anything but comfy anime. Anything else is just too anxiety-inducing or requires too much emotional investment on my end for little to no reason, and either stresses me out too much to no good end.

It is if you’re an NPC who doesn’t understand the concept of ‘soul’.

At what point does it become too stressful for you? If the cast gets injured?

No. "Boring" is what idiots confuse "not to my tastes" with.

Injury is definitely a big factor in it, though really any extreme emotional or physical display is too stressful for me to take in. I would say anything with a clearly defined conflict (which would normally be the reason to watch something) turns me off now - life's already plagued with uncertainties and vagueness. If I really wanted to think about and be confronted with difficult realities beyond my control, I'd read a good book about it, or somehow try to find someone to talk about it.