ITT: anime that are better than their manga counterpart

ITT: anime that are better than their manga counterpart
I’ll start with JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency

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I wonder how many posts it'll take before someone starts.

I started already.

Kekkai Sensen

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Naruto and you're unironically retarded if you think JoJo is a good adaptation

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How about anime that are way worse than their manga counterpart.

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The OST is good tho

OP already posted it

Twitter refugees should be banned on sight

Shingeki no kyojin
Kimetsu no yaiba
Mob psycho 100
Detroit metal city

The original Sailor Moon anime and Utena.

>Jojo is no
>Naruto yes
You're not even trying.
Get back with a better bait

That's the 80% at least

SnK is the only correct answer that comes to mind. The manga is far too busy and hard to read at times. And the characters are hard to distinguish in black and white due to their realistic features.
The added music score also does a lot to help the story.

JoJo has no excues it's a seasonal anime it should be the same quality as One Punch man or hunterxhunter but it's not even as good as Naruto you can clearly see that they cut so many corners and don't get me started on the horrible sound design.

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All of them. Animation is simply a superior medium.

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Imagine being an animeonly

Season 2 is more like the manga, right? If so then yes, definitely. Season 1 was so much comfier.

maybe if they fucking adapted the rest

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If you think that Araki's ugly early drawings are better than this animation kino then you are retarded

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I don't read manga, but people seem to say this for a lot of the classics.
Rose of Versailles is supposedly one example.

whAT ANIMATION ? that powerpoint trash ?

Kimetsu no Yaiba

First season of One-Punch Man counts?


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