Who was the worst Hokage and why was it Kakashi

Who was the worst Hokage and why was it Kakashi

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In term of power level sure, but Sarutobi was by far the worst one ever.

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how so?

Minato or tsunade, both were equally inefficient.

Probably Tsunade. I can't remember she ever did anything

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Minato's reign was peaceful and everyone remembers it as being great for the village. He's also the only reason Obito didn't flatten konoha with the nine tails. Without him there isn't a leaf village

Tsunade played her political role well enough that the damage done by the akatsuki and the fourth great ninja war was as mitigated as possible. Without her the alliance between the leaf and other villages might not have been negotiated. It's also possible pains attack would have been repelled had she not been out of commission

Sarurtobi is the worst hokage in terms of efficacy as a leader and fighting ability.

Tobirama > Hashirama ≥ Naruto > Minato > Sarutobi > Kakashi > Tsunade

Kakashi turned the village into a metropolis. He's also certainly stronger than Tsunade. Both Minato and Naruto are the most incompetent.

Why did Kakashi even become Hokage? I get it, fans wanted it, but judging objectively he's not particularly strong or capable after losing his Sharingan in the war
There wasn't even any reason for Tsunade to stop being the Hokage either, she was still alive, healthy, and kicking. In the end him being Hokage felt like nothing more than fanservice

Tsunade. She was only Hokage for 3 years and within that time she had multiple attacks on the village and Pain destroyed it.
Kakashi just opened up the village to multi-cuturalism so he's inflicted a slow death.

Naruto's administration (Sasuke / Shika) is the most competent.

He couldn't defend village from meteorites in The Last movie though. Thanks to Sasuke for their rescue.

Sarutobi was misguided by the worst Hokage; Tobirama

t. Madara upset he got democratically passed over for being too edgy even for the Uchiha.

Senju are funny people

>Uchiha voted against Madara
>blaming the Senju
You have no-one else to blame but yourself, Madara. If you couldn't have more charisma than Tobirama then you've really fucked yourself there by being that unlikable.

That was just to make sasugay look cool. In his novel he has a jutsu that he could've used against that meteor

Do you see how Kakashi and Naruto were constantly swamped by paperwork when they were in their office?
Third never did that shit, he delegated all of his roles to others and decentralized his power. Except this lead to a bunch of splinter factions like Danzo and Uchihas gaining a bunch of power and influence which grew to threaten the village.

The splinter factions became threats after Sarutobi retired and Minato died early. Hiruzen was exhausted. His Kage era raised the strongest ninja by far pre and post retirement.

Tobirama singlehandly created most forbidden ninjutsus in the leaf (including edo tensei)
He also pushed the Uchiha into segregated living quarters and forced them tot ake on a role that will make them hated by the rest of the village.
You don't vote for an Hokage my american friend.

>In his novel he has a jutsu that he could've used against that meteor
Wait, seriously? Why he didn't use it in war then?

Uchihas didn't got unfluence cuz damn Sarutobi. The reason there is a village at all is because Uchihas. If anything they were irrelevant in their own country that they founded.

>man who lived during the sengoku era invents weapons to end wars and then sees the need to ban them once they hit peace times
Nothing wrong with what Tobirama did here. He explicitly banned them after the village system started it. It's why they're called Kinjutsu and stuck in a scroll called the Scroll of Forbidden Jutsu.

Also of course you vote for a Hokage, we see it in the series exactly how it goes. However, even ignoring that, Tobirama had popular support, it's why Madara got upset and left. He felt entitled to the position and then got analocalypsed when it didn't meet his expectations.

Because it's new. He never could do very destructive jutsu due to the sharinflan taking all of his chakra reserves.

>man who lived during the sengoku era invents weapons to end wars and then sees the need to ban them once they hit peace times
>Oh nooes :( why are bad people still using my jutsus I banned them tho :(((
When youc reate something dangerous you better make sure that it doesn't get abused otherwise you are partly responsible for it. Orochimaru himself said that Tobirama justu did more harm than good.
>invents weapons to end wars
That's your headcanon, where does it says that he invented them to end wars?
>Also of course you vote for a Hokage
Jesus christ no you don't. It's the previous Hokage that appoints the new one. They do take into account the popularity of the candidates but that doesn't mean that the villagers vote.

Oh, I see. So, what is the that jutsu? Some kind of mega Raikiri?

>villagers voting
No, the Daimyo and Jonin vote. The only important people in the village in relation to the act of voting in a Hokage.
There was an entire discussion about this during Danzo's attempt at Hokageship.

Ignoring all that, lets say it was Hashirama that somehow decided to choose his brother over Madara even though we know Hashirama wanted Madara to be the next Hokage and it's Tobirama telling him to do this democratically, do you think Hashirama just arbitrarily decided Tobirama over Madara?