Characters that are literally, unironically (you).

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John from unordinary

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Based. Doesn’t look like anime or manga though.

is a korean webtoon like tower of god so Yas Forums

what series?

John is literrally Yas Forums self-insert


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turns out it's not even Korean it's an OEL

the format is webtoon and the author is korean
wtf you want more

Unintelligent, existentialistic with a terrible sense of humour

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really it says it's English original on MD
and the author is called uru-chan so she could be Korean

He's has my exact same personality and shares my height and hair color. The only differences are our race and eye color. He's like a fictional version of me.

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This artist is great

Same ere

Oh, you want to know who's me? Who's *literally* *me*?

Allow me to introduce you to Shiba Tatsuya, the deustagonist of noted Japanese literary work 'The Irregular in Magic High School'. For those who don't know about Tatsuya, allow me to enlighten you (spoilers ahead):

>He's the real heir to one of the most secretly powerful families in Japan. But he changes his name to blend with the common folk just so he can keep it real.
>He's a weed who mows down blooms just because he doesn't like the cut of their jib.
>He's a master inventor/physicist/engineer, but chooses to publish anonymously because the Nobel Prize would bore him.
>He can wipe out the entire countries with minor preparation but is still respectful of his superior officers.
>When a woman dances with him, her life is complete and if there's a second dance, she's likely to end up pregnant with triplets by the end of the song -- siblings are not exempt.
>He can directly convert matter to energy and fuck you the mc^2 up.
>He knows more ninjitsu than every Kishimoto character combined.
>If he could cry, his tears would be 1959 Dom Pérignon Rosé.

Okay, got all of that? Do you get my drift? Are you sure? If so, look behind Tatsuya's left arm. See that guy shamelessly browsing the fashion mags in a sad attempt to get it together?

That's me.

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The guy in Redo Healer

literally me

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My yellow cat is also next to me

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which one?


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Pathetic and miserable, autistic, self-insert fag

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In your dreams.


Hello Muscle!

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is this rave master?


lmao stfu self inserter