Dorohedoro's CGI

did they get it right anons?

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No. Looks like garbage. Even though I didn't like it that much, Vinland Saga is an example of CG done right.
Sword of the Stranger also had some pretty good CG

>get it right
Choose one and only one, OP.


They fucked up ebisu.
Didnt really need an anime anyway.

This. The backgrounds were good though


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i thought gantz and the new lupin movie have done cgi right. i really hate this half drawn, half cgi animation style you get in anime now though.
as soon as i see a cgi vehicle sliding across the screen in an anime i immediately turn it off. desu i pretty much drop 90% of new anime within the first few minutes of observing the animation and art style these days since they all look extremely bland and generic

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not orange studio level but I like it

>new lupin movie have done cgi right
Well said user, thats an example that would not apply to my original post. They clearly set out to make a COMPUTER ANIMATED FEATURE FILM and did a fantastic job. Rather than slapping together an adaptation thats only computer animated due to the shitty budget handed down by some chink suit.

No, just read the manga.

It looked bad at times, but it was serviceable.
I enjoyed it.

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better than most anime but cg still has a long way to go

What's her fucking problem?

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everyone is entitled to their own opinions but the whole "i don't like it therefore all 3DCG is objectively shit" is a bad attitude to have. There's a lot of fairly bad CG out there in my opinion but there's some great stuff out there as well. You could take any shitty example like overlord and write it off as all CG is bad but then there are 3DCG scenes in for example kill la kill which nobody talks about the CGI in there.

Here are some examples of good 3D imo

this is the same shading tech used in kill la kill:

Too cute

Brain damage

There was obviously a lot of love put into the anime but the CG looks so fucking bad. So no, they didnt get it right.

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Is it just me or did they make the characters generally nicer in the anime?
Especially the mage gang seemed less rude towards each other compared to the manga


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That looks pretty good, it gives the impression of a puppet show translated to animation.

Absolutely, it was a perfect fit for the general tone of the show. Salty mangafags will say otherwise because they can't tolerate an adaptation surpassing the original (which is quite easy if the producers are willing to make full use of the extra dimensions at their disposal).

Could be worse. More watchable than some of the drawn shows from last season.

i agree

It was a mish mash of good and bad. some scenes looked pretty decent while others looked like shit cgi

It was decent, with few instances of uncannyness. 3D anime is improving but it still has a long way to go.

Sometimes it looks like shit other times it looks fine. I have nitpicks with how they executed it but it's better than expected. I don't think it would have looked much better as 2d either, frankly.

It's not polygon pictures or the abomination they did with kengan ashura on netflix , but it's not studio orange either.
It's watchable, although the moments when they do draw the characters in 2d make me wish the whole show looked like that.

Well i dunno, it's not the worst 3d that i have seen, but i think 2d would do better.

Pic related is one example CGI get it right.

This kind thing is something that 2D animation hard to achieve.

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I feel like Baki is a pretty good middleground. You just have to grit your teeth and get through the CG parts.