Asuka > Rei

Asuka > Rei

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we know

Every girl > Rei

The post below me will be a Reifag trying to defend his shit waifu
Based thread by the way

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Well ain't this a surprise?

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duh, water is wet!


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Well, yes. Obviously. Kinda pointless to point that out, user.

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>25 fucking years

beautiful, isn't it?

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kaworu > all female characters

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I don't think it's going to end, ever.
no matter who wins at which installment of the story, there's never going to be a definitive winner in people's eyes so it's bound to go forever.


Do not post 3D

>no matter who wins at which installment of the story
Who wins what? There's nothing to win, user.

fuck you faggot

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I want to smell Asuka’s panties

everyone who prefers asuka over rei is a fucking simp

Wow, what a high-IQ comment! Thank you that you left your reddit-echochamber to grace us with your presence and contributed such an enlightening argument to this thread.

You don't even deserve a (You), nigger, so I'm gonna explain it just once so your little monkey brain may understand.
Asuka is a flawed human who constantly tries her best despite being let down by everything in life.
Rei is not even human, but a mix of a clone and an alien, which obviously severely limits her social capabilities.
One has strong sense of self, the other is a tragic empty canvas.
The beta will always pick the path of fantasy and least resistance because he is too weak and afraid of getting hurt. That's the truth behind Reifags.
Not even shitting on Rei as a character but you have to be retarded to make such an statement.

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Then just get a real hole with daddy issues and fuck off, Rei best girl btw.

Ramiel > Kaoru > Misato > the rest

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Are you Reifags ever even trying to make a rational argument? All I ever hear from you are childish insults.

>Asuka is a flawed human who constantly tries her best despite being let down by everything in life.
you're only correct about one thing and it's that asuka is flawed. rei best girl btw

Rei is not a girl.

misato is better

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Better than Rei? Yes, easily.
Better than Asuka? That's debatable. They're both great characters. Well written and sympathetical. I'd say it comes down to personal preference between them, and both positions are reasonable to take.

Who cares about second place?

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