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shit series
gurren lagann is better

Kill me baby manga is still going too.

The mangaka pussied out of ending the series. Put a graduation scene, but then continued them at school like nothing happened. Since then it's been even more boring secondary characters no-one cares about, with their one note jokes, taking up all the panels.

it's funny how on the anime the graduation was this grand music video thing but on the manga it was like one or two 4-koma strips and life kept going
It's probably going at minimum pace where chapters are either really short or release once in a full moon since the series is popular enough that it can do that

I refuse to believe people still enjoy it and probably only continue doing so because of habit or nostalgia

fuck, sounds like WataMote right now
I'm afraid they will do the graduation and the younger girls will take over

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Which lucky wud u fug.

the UN-lucky one I guess hehehehehehe

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my wife

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more like japanese family guy

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Because it's basically just a series of strip comic in Comptiq magazine.

like Garfield?

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reddit the anime

As far as I know it's very very infrequent in updates and hasn't had a tankoubon in years.

Which volume did they graduate, again?

Miyuki best girl.

>>Yas Forums

>Still using PS2
Uh, hello, based department?

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how many volumes?

nah watamote is going to be college. tanigawa is already setting it up for most of the cast to go to aoyama.

Yes, user. A series doesn't stop just because the arbitrary anime adaptation did.

volume 6 chapter 169, tankoubon was released in 2008

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that one thread the user said to release my gunk for her and i did

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And then what? Was there some sort of joke/punchline for then to continue the story?

My love for Misao is still ongoing, and the latest compilation vol was vol 10 in 2013, then it went into hiatus and it's now being published in comptiq magazine. Yoshimizu worked on another series that's getting an anime this year called maesetsu! which looks pretty shit.

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Things just kept going as normal, buncha girls graduated and went to college, kouhais became senpais and new characters were introduced
To be honest I don't quite remember what happens in detail, been a few years since I last read Lucky Star

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Fantastic taste

The best one.

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