What's the final verdict on Interspecies Reviewers?

What's the final verdict on Interspecies Reviewers?

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Not enough Meidri/10

Not enough medium/small breasts

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Fucking awesoms. I hope it really springs forth a new age of cumbrain anime.

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Anything that promotes more monstergirl hentai is a fine thing by me

Meidri's quite a bit chunkier than I imagined.

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It's probably in the top 5 best ecchi anime ever I'd say.


I've heard the manga is less lewd. Does it still have a lot of fresh content?

>Can't ever actually book a legal loli for 60 bucks an hour
Real life fucking SUCKS

Must watch for anyone evern remotely interested in /d/ culture. Fuck, to a lesser extent anyone into /h/ culture.

Crim has the best taste in women and gender bender is criminally underrepresented.

The manga is solid. Also, the broken halo plot thickens.

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Hachiroku Reviewers was pretty good, needed more drifting.

>the broken halo plot thickens.
So the manga is shit, got it.

it was fun

>overarching story makes actual, graspable progress
>bad thing

Yeah, fuck overarching stories.
No one watch or "reads" crap like this for the "story", Monster Musume removed the ecchi almost on it's entirely to focus on "overarching stories" and that franchise is pretty much dead now.

But basically because corona virus has kill any other

man that scene was gold

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it was pretty fun unti lnux fucked everything up

How does one cope when your waifu has canon sex scene or official porn?
I am sorry for being autistic Yas Forums
Is making a tulpa or thoughtform a solution at this point?

If you ever use the word tulpa and you're serious, sorry you're too far gone.

nothing was fucked up. mal is completely irrelevant if their whole system comes crashing down when a youtuber I've never heard of tells their audience to vote. it means that website is a fart in the wind.

I don't know, I don't watch garbage.

Do not make a Tulpa for the purpose of banging it you will break your mind and not in the kinky way.