S-Tier Anime

Literally can't be beat. Only galactic heroes and evangelion incellectuals would disagree

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Is S-tier short for shit-tier?

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Sounds like it.
AOT is generic as fuck, and keeps playing with gore to keep it's audience interested

how is it generic

Have you even seen it?

retard take

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Any complaints?

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The main problem with AOT is Eren, he is such a generic shithead MC before the time skip. Just a winy screaming bitch who would be completely useless if not for hacks.
Some episodes are also utterly boring and most twists are mind bogglingly obvious. AOT season one lives by it shock factor and edgy moments, It's not very re-watchable.

Its overrated sure, but your opinion is absolute dogshit

But people die if they get killed!!! That's dark brah.

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>S-Tier Anime
>implying they are on the same level as Madoka.

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MiA yes but AoT is cringy af, especially in early seasons and the latest manga chapters

I agree about Eren but thats the only point of yours that is reasonable. Not really any shonen MCs that are much better though

It's a unique concept bogged down by cookie-cutter characters and mediocre writing.

>Not really any shonen MCs that are much better though
Especially at the beginning of the manga (first season).
>but thats the only point of yours that is reasonable
I don't know if you read the manga but the first season of AOT is heavily focusing on Eren, and that is the problem.
>Jean watching his camerads die and struggeling being a leader
>Mikasa giving up and standing up again
Those are in my opinion the best moments in the anime, but they are focusing side-characters, meanwhile Eren is crying about how he wants to kill every titan all the time. Him starting to scream during his trail was, let's say underwhelming.
>shock factor and edgy moments
In the first season we get one meaningless character just to die after the next one.
>twists are mind boggeling obvious
Where you surprised that the titan was actually Eren?
Where you surprised that Annie was the female titan?

Attack on Titan is snooze fest.

It takes an interesting premise and entirely throws it away, while simultaneously reducing it to brainless melodrama. The last of humanity is barricaded in a city-fortress and fighting against incomprehensible enemy monsters? Well actually, there's lots of people left, and they can inexplicably transform into the enemy. It's like a 12 year old copied Eva without understanding it and didn't even bother changing it enough to not look like a copy.

>In the first season we get one meaningless character just to die after the next one.
sense of realism IMO. Lots of shonens would be so much better if people actually died
>twists are mind boggeling obvious
I was def surprised by reiner and bertholdt and the basement episode. The other two didn't really have to be huge twists imo, If the author wanted the female titan to be a twist he wouldnt have made it look exactly like annie

>I was def surprised by reiner and bertholdt and the basement episode
I am more focusing on the first season, I think that the second and third season are far superior, It's just the first season that I can't stand.
>sense of realism IMO. Lots of shonens would be so much better if people actually died
I agree but not in the way it was executed. Kill characters all you want, I don't even mind cannon fodder characters but I do mind if they give it this wannabe melodramatic theme.

This. Not really at their level
Madoka is just so-so.
B-tier maybe?

Rebellion is B-tier while the show is S-tier

First season of AoT was pretty awesome but the more they explained things shit just got so convoluted

I watched this anime and never understood the hype. Magical girls with some violence, they kill witches but doing so taints them, and then when they go full dark the cat has sex with them or something? It was so boring I barely remember.

you mean S-tier manga with Shit-tier animation, mate.


kudos to production IG that do the series direction and animation, not their fault that this series turned into shit, they have to deal with the sales.

same opinion with i hate SAO cause too much asspulls like loli necromancer power

opinion discarded

Season 3 Part 2 is where AoT became a GOAT for me. Even IMDB puts episodes from S3P2 at #2 and 3 of best episodes of TV of all time. imdb.com/search/title/?title_type=tv_episode&num_votes=1000,&sort=user_rating,desc
>>I don't see an issue with either of their animations. But I've never really been able to understand a lot of criticism of animation styles in general. For me pretty much as long as it doesn't look old I like it.

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meant to link you instead of greentext


the main three are pretty bad honestly (even if they have good moments), at least eren becomes cooler after uprising


How come everyone's talking about AOT and not MIA?

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