Please share and enjoy some great pages or panels in manga.

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Time to beat that other guy to the "Fire" punch! Get it?

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Sasuga Kyle-sama.

Can someone who understands genetics inbreeding equations work out how inbred the next generation of kids are going to be?

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Followed by this bit of greatness.

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Horse coomer. Tell me that he nutted into cute centaur girl.

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Off topic but I figured that's the best place to ask.

What was the name of that manga about guy and girl playing videogames in his room and doing some lewd stuff. She had hime cut black hard and was really long like clamp design. She didn't have a name and was just refered to as kanojo. It's been running for really long time and has a lot of chapters.

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If I didn't screw up somewhere, Yuuichi's child will be 56,25% inbred and the sister's (that's his sister right?) child will be 59,375% inbred.

Isn't this just fanart?

he needs to give up and just fuck his dark elf already

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Japan has penis inspection day too? I thought it was just the US?

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that's the nuttee

Which figure is that?

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houkago play?

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Anyone got some good monster manga?
Looking for basically anything with grotesque alien looking monsters
Edgyness and gore are a bonus but mandatory

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here's another one

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