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How has the cuckshed been treating you Yui?

she wasn't even a good character

worst girl

Yui = the best girl


yukino = best girl

Best girl after Yui I agree

Yui is just second-rate thot with no substance. Iroha is the superior whore and Yukino is the superior girl in general.

Yui. Kind, effeminate, caring, socially intuitive, selfless. High T wife material.
Yukino. Cold, autistic, mentally ill, manipulative, no feminine qualities. Beta masochist material.


This is what she wants you to think about her


It was indeed very caring of Yui to avoid being associated with 8man whenever it threatened her social status. Also very kind & caring of her to intentionally sabotage her friend's romantic moments with each other repeatedly.

>socially intuitive
actually true

Looks like whore, cannot cook and possesses no feminine skills to speak of beyond gossiping

[error 404, trait in question was not found]

You seem to be conflating one-night cumdump to wife material


hi. wanna fuck? I will NOT take responsibility

She's so cute

Iroha is my wife and there's nothing you fuckers can say to change that

It's funny how no one gives a shit about this anymore since the worst girl won

>begone thot

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user, you can't be simultaneously manipulative AND autistic. Though I suppose you have to be a smoothbrain like Yui to even consider it.

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gyaru whore


Yui: Penguins look kind of like birds.

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here's a gift, user

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desu Yui had the biggest growth of them alll during oregairu

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For me, it's Iroha!

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>long hair Iroha

All she had to do was be honest and she would've won. Shit character.

al she did was create an environment easy for one to open themselves into user, that's the purpose of her character
but then watari released anthologies and make her and everyone else shit

too easy

she's the only one remotely likeable


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Yui is a good girl. For some odd reason it makes Yukinofags seethe that she is a nice girl who wanted to be Yukino's friend in the end. They had all sorts of hatefiction about Yui being teh evil and being anti-YukiHachi.