Jujutsu Kaisen

>world of magic
>MC’s special power is “punching harder”
Just... why?

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>Generic shounenshit number 542687536585
Do you really have to ask?

Imagine jobbing to a fucking cube

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Author is a big fan of Hunter x Hunter.

Magic systems are hard and complicated, if you don't want to spend ages fleshing it out and having your character do more than the most basic bullshit with it, you often run across two problems:

MC becomes powerful to the point that conflict seems contrived and meaningless. Or your system is shitty, and it becomes obvious to the reader through your protagonist that the rules to magic are poorly defined and easily broken.

So punching it is.

What's the problem with that? If the rules are well made the MC power doesn't matter

Gojo's power isn't just punching harder though, did you even read it?

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Checks out.

Not that user, but since when was Gojo the MC? It’s always been Yuji.

Too bad he couldn’t punch hard enough and jobbed to Choso of all people

since the mangaka realized Yuji is a boring and generic character

Based Gojochad

Based and GODJOpilled.

Itadori's special power isn't "punching hard", that's just the extent of his abilities at the moment. The reason for this in the story is that special powers are for shaman only and Itadori is just a normal person that's been forcefully inundated with cursed power. He will develop a special power eventually according to Gojo, but not at the moment.

Anyway, the specifics of a character's move set isn't anywhere near as important as the author's ability to choreograph and plan out battles.

Who is the main villain? Mahito? Getou's corpse? Touji? The system? Sukuna? Someone who is unintroduced?

>Someone who is unintroduced?

It’s Jobji’s sister.

for now it's Getou's corpse

When Nobara's heart skipped a bit regarding Yuuji getting a girlfriend, was it a comedic moment or she doesn't realize a faint attraction towards him? I noticed that usually she and Yuuji are having similar expressions, while Megumi is the straight man of the group.

she was mad that he got a girlfriend before she got a boyfriend, she literally says that

I know, but I'm wondering if it's played for comedy as she desperately tries to explain why did it happen and uses the excuse that Yuuji needs to hook up after her. She explains it to Megumi of all people.

As it should be.

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Because fun things are fun, fuck you.

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Getou's body stealer as Touji

Is the plot of Jujutsu Kaisen any good? I've seen it has some really great art, but I don't think I can read through monotonous, regular jump shounen battle manga anymore.

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The plot is so-so imo, fairly standard stuff. But I love the characters, and yes, the action part is a big part of the manga too. If you decide to give it a try, the chapters up to 15 will give you a small taste but most people (myself included) usually get hooked with Junpei's arc, which ends on chapter 31 I think.

it's pretty typical shonen fare but so far it's managed to avoid most of the pitfalls typical of the genre. It's not high art but it isn't Bleach/Naruto tier trash either

Is Jimbo targeting this series now

>punching harder
But yuta uses a sword?

>jobs to a cube

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It was only a matter of time. KnY is ending so shounentards will start reading jujutsu. I hope people stay filtered the last thing I want is a general

>seals Jobjo
How can anyone hate him?

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Are JJK threads going to be populated by retards now?

The way the author generally writes a story structure can be off-putting to some, and I wouldn't say it's a life changing story, but it definitely has some pretty good moments. Dialogue is pretty sharp, fights are amazingly well done and every single character is loveable.