Why was this allowed ?

Why was this allowed ?

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Why is Asuka larping as Anne of green gables?

It was the norm up until about a hundred years ago.

Based Sanson playing the long game.

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He won best ending

Based Grandis Company

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Because it was 1901

Why is Gendo marrying Asuka? Did he run out of things to bully his son with?

I totally would watch a spinoff all about the Grandis Gang.

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He was 27 when she was like 4

She married him at 17 making him 40

>comparing Gendo to this dashing dandy

Yeah and?

what anime

Secret of the Cerulean Sand

That's not unusual for the time, though guys in their 40's marrying teens would usually be on their third or fourth wife by then because many women would die from childbirth.

Forgot the pic.

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What good older anime should a 22 year old virgin male watch now that exams are going to be over and will have a bunch of free time?

Some less famous anime by Anno.

>He was 27 when she was like 4
>She married him at 17 making him 40
Boku no Pico.

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Boku no Pico.

Boku to Pico no dai bouken

>Young Grandis Adventures
Yes, please.

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thanks user

boku no puke on my dick fag

Lupin III

That is a lovely young lady

Anno was still butthurt over Noriko Hidaka rejecting him, the age gap fetish is about having control over the partner and there wasn't that much restrictions back then on kids TV

Would definitely watch.

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Golden boy


>he doesn't know this is the norm in japan and in jewwood