Daily GA Chapter

Evil art

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A hidden joke:
勢い read here as nori: Force, vigor, vigour, energy, spirit, life.
のり nori: glue

That's all for today. Going by the "would I want this art in my house" rule, I don't think there was a winner to these competitions.

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I want a GA to whisper in my ear as I sleep.

Is Kisaragi a yandere or something

>Going by the "would I want this art in my house" rule, I don't think there was a winner to these competitions.
you don't want kisaragi's orange peels? weird...

Namiko whispers a lecture about how you need to take things more seriously.

Tomokane chapter!

the first panel reminds me of kill la kill

Expresive president

That would be heavenly

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Aa-san is a delinquent.

Thanks, OP.

If Namiko did that, things would be different around here.

KLK is also reminded by that panel of things it took inspiration from.

>panel of things it took inspiration from.

Does this look like a delinquent to you?

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Thanks OP

Art students break the rules

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Either an old futaba or 2ch thread. I've tried looking for the source but never found it.

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Love how the other girls aren't even bothered with Noda messing with Tomo
Thanks OP. Yeah, I don't think I would buy art that would rot in a week. Then again, Japan buys square watermelons and I wouldn't do that either.

Noda messing with Tomo probably happens every day. Besides, say something and she'll probably turn on you.

this is the face of pure evil

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but.. why is she crying?