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Prepare your best blade runners.gif because it's Delusions part 3

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I don't remember the chapter where that chick appeared

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>too long if you ask me
Ohai is thirstier than the dudes

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And now the main event

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Kinda gay, BUT.

>Hey Tadano-kun, do you want to come back to our little reunion where we all wear masks and talk about how much we want to fuck you if you dressed up as a girl ?

Oh no

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she was introduced doing a rap. she was also pissed najimi dragged her to that test of courage because she was on a deadline but came anyway hoping to see tadano x katai shit.

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Tadano-kun-chan really reminds me of THAT somewhat recent trap hentai.

E is a girl!


Thanks for the dump.

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Wholesome. Tadano-centric chapters with his friends are always great. And who wouldn't want to fuck this?

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you just gonna post a description that vague with no link?

It's not gay if it's Tadano

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Anyone know what chapter Delusions 2 is?

it'd almost make you a faggot not to

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big fat gyaru milkers

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Cute! Gay tho..