This is really edgy

This is really edgy...

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...also really bad...

Looks retarded just from the premise, why would you even watch it?

Come back when you grow up kid

to see a cute girl penetrate the MC.

Not everything dark is edy, user

I dunno. It's definitely a bit edgy, but it so far pulls it off well enough. Hard to describe. I guess a lot of that is in the animators and voice actors doing a good job. The difference between dumb edgy and acceptable edgy is pretty thin, and it's mostly timing and setting tone.

it's not even that edgy, faggot.

>really gay

It's edgy as fuck though

Because it's just a shitty soft core porn for angsty teens, just like the Elfen Lied was. Literally unwatchable if you're over 18.


Go back

After a while, MC starts to like it to the point he gets excited when another girl(not the heroine sister) go inside him from time to time.
in the manga a dude get inside him too, but he didn't like it.

I love edge.

clair best girl


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Wow this is something a 20 year old grown adult big boy would say.

My new fetish

>Hard to describe.
It’s actually pretty easy to describe. You simply love edge and are in denial about it. You just need to embrace it.

There is nothing wrong with edge per se and this show is actually very well directed and produced. Overall very enjoyable experience full of teenage energy which makes me nostalgic.

>There is nothing wrong with edge per se

It's edgy and fun, though not as good as the author's previous manga.

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is he gay if a guy gets inside him but doesn't enjoy it?

He allowed it, so yes he is.

if you are raped in prison by Tyrone and Rodrigo against your will, do you instantly start liking men?
Yeah, but there is a reason why he had to do it. He still didn't enjoy it.

Similiar feel to Mahou Shoujo Site altough that one had stronger contrast between sad elements and craziness resulting in a more comedic(dark) feel. Worked really well in terms of atmosphere, insanse situation in an insane world, so tragic that it was comedic.

He has erections with neko girl so he's bisexual


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