Tearmoon Empire

I checked and I don't see any Mia thread.

I just went through 134.5 chapter of web novel, this is the one with conversation between Sion and Ludwig. I think it will be a part of second volume of LN that will come out soon. This is low quality translation.

This is the exchange between Ludwig and Sion that took place two days before the execution of Mia.
Tearmoon Empire, white moon palace.
The beautiful castle where the successive generations of Tearmoon Emperors resided, did not lose its beauty, even if the entire empire was burned by the flames of the revolution.
The Revolutionary Army has set up a command post of the governing body in this castle.
It would have become the center of this country, once the fighting in various regions had ended and the great nobles who had corrupted this country were destroyed.
Ludwig, who was called for audience, kneeled and bowed his head before young man sitting on throne.
"I am very pleased to hear from you. I am an imperial official. My desire is to work for the people of this country. But ... for that reason, I have one request to your Highness."
Then Ludwig looked up.
At the end of the line of sight, young man with beautiful silver hair turned his eyes to Ludwig with growing interest.
「なんだろう? この私にできることであれば、
"I wonder what? If this is something I can do, if it is possible to do, I think I'll listen to it.

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"My wish is only one. Your Highness Sion. Princess Mia, please spare her life."
"Regrettably, the execution of Princess Mia can't be stopped."
Not listening to whole Ludwig's speech (not allowing him to finish), Sion shook his head heavily.
"It is because too much blood was spilled. The people's anger at the oppression from great nobles and the imperial family is too great. If the execution is stopped, leaders of the Revolutionary Army will face increasing criticism."
"If you hold the military power of the Kingdom of Sankland, you can suppress the people. But then the chaos lasts longer and the country becomes more exhausted. Many people will suffer."
"We need to end disorder as soon as possible. To do so, we must have the Revolutionary Army earn the trust of the people as an apostle of justice that corrects corrupted power."

"A new leader who stands by the confidence of the people. Under that, the empire will be reborn."
It's the smoothest and most natural way to recover.
Undoubtedly it was a just reasoning, decision reaching extreme justice.
Ludwig knew even this ... that's why he took a breath and stood up.

"Is that so……"
Slightly shrugged his shoulders and turned on his heel.
This attitude, in front of a royal, was more than only a little rude.
A soldier who stood next to Sion unconsciously put his hand on the sword, but Sion stopped him with one hand.
「力を貸してはもらえないだろうか? 帝国を立て直すためだ」
"Will you lend me your power? To revive this empire?"

"Prince Sion ... you are the ideal lord. You must be wise, fair, and surely excellent."
Unlike that stupid Princess ... Ludwig added in his mind.
While attending St. Noel's academy, she never comprehended the meaning of it, without any consideration for diplomacy and things like that, she kept doing whatever she pleased... as a result she didn't earn even slightest kindness/friendship.
Even though she was a classmate of a princess who could have aided her, she forgot her name...
"Well, who was that, I wonder?"
And she said it in front of person in question...
At least remember the names of the influential people in the class and their country!

He somehow swallowed curses, how many times he admonished her...

But Ludwig could not get angry at her, because, after he pointed this out, she had been trying to remember name and country of people she dealt with written notes in one hand.
Yes, she was making efforts, that girl, that princess Mia.
Once again, he looked at Prince Sion in front of him.
With broad mind, the intelligent judgment and appropriate political skill to even call out to me who served his enemy, Mia. I know that no person is more suitable to be served than the one in front of me ...
Ludwig let out a lonely smile.
I'm sure you've never made a mistake. Even once...so...
You could not understand, her feelings, her hard work...
Swallowing these words, he shook his head.

Release of Part 8

Do the right thing when you can do the right thing.
It is a fine quality of the ruler.
How many of those, who have money to freely use at their hands, can use it for the right thing?
Sion Saul Sankland, one in front of me is definitely such a person who can use the money for the right thing.
But...At the same time, it is also but a good luck.
There are many people in the world who are forced into situations where they cannot do the right thing.
Even if you want to give food to a poor people, you may not have it at hand.
There are cases where, in order to make people wealthy, they seek to rule the country properly, and there are cases where they have no ability or national power.
But...It was his master princess Mia, who was in the worst situation.

Exhaling a little, Ludwig looked at Sion.
"I don't think you need my power. You have as many excellent subordinates, as you wish.
Ludwig realized he got emotional.
Working hard, giving her best, these are not excuses.

In fact, many people died from the incompetence of the imperial family and the tyranny of the high nobles. The anger of the bereaved families can't be healed by any words.
But still ... It is sad that her efforts were never rewarded.
"I don't feel like serving you or Count daughter Tiona. Excuse me."
Quiet, slightly angry voice. Surprisingly, Ludwig left the scene.
Sion never punished him.
Two days later, at the Imperial Plaza.
Execution of Mia Luna Tearmoon took place ... and since then no one has seen Ludwig.

And then Sion died a lonely benevolent Tyrant.

Cool guy, Ludwig.

>King of Renmo spends decade curating a legion of giant muscle-y warriors
>Spends hundreds of gold coins making them the most elite warriors around
>Calls them the Diamond Legion
>For their first battle, tells the commander to not lose a single soldier
>somehow avert revolution

how does web novel compare to light novel. Is this 100% conversion?

Oh shit is this a Durarara reference?

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It appears to mostly be the same with minor additions, I think?

As I understand, Mia having so little time, being a young, incompetent brat with almost no resources was doing a lot to at least try to help.
Was it really her fault, that everyone and their dogs were giving her fuck offs?

What I mean, is that hate she received is almost surreal. There is no way there were no people appreciating anything she did except for Anne and Ludwig. Sion at least should know, having spies everywhere, how much she tried to get foreign help to ease hunger. (even though she was a retard doing it)

>There is no way there were no people appreciating anything she did except for Anne and Ludwig
Anne and Ludwig would have been the only ones to actually see anything she attempted, besides the people telling her to fuck off.
And Sion, as Ludwig pointed out to him, never made any mistakes, so he couldn't understand a normal girl in the position of princess making normal mistakes. There's also how his spy network was compromised.

what I find disturbing is almost no fanart of Mia.
Is there no love for her in Japan?

>what an odd name it almost sounds plagiarized
Sounds like it to me.

>Now, the astute among you might have realized this already, but there’s something worth pointing out here. Mia, you see, has simply recounted the events that occured. That’s it. She just told it like it is. No spin, no exaggeration. She just repeated it to him straight.
>On Sion’s side, however, this is what he heard: “In the time it took for you to find me, I already managed to pull someone with intimate knowledge of the revolutionaries onto our side.” To his ears, it sounded like Mia was saying she’d extracted a wealth of valuable information.
>And the Great Sage does it again. Her wisdom truly knows no bounds.
>He even started to wonder if Mia had knowingly let them kidnap her so she could learn more about them. His better judgment told him that couldn’t be true, but some part of him felt like it wasn’t entirely impossible... Alas, his trust in Mia now ran so deep that he was starting to entertain full blown conspiracy theories.

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Sion's spy network was the one behind the revolution. All to make Sion play hero of justice.

>And the Great Sage does it again. Her wisdom truly knows no bounds.
Sasuga, Mia-sama...

What your not putting into this thought is how everyone was hellbent on this "revolution" for literal generations, shits been put in place for hundreds of years specifically fuck over the tearmoon royalty because their founder is an insane fuckwit. Regardless of how good Mia is or is not, she is completely fucked by asshole politics spanning generations, and peasants are unanimously the dumbest fucking creatures alive across all of history, so they always tread the shortest path to any momentary gain, regardless of how generally retarded it is.

Didnt the royal guards and tearmoon district citizen start guerilla warfare in one of the timelines where revolution still started and Mia still died?
How did the country end up in the end?

Still a burning shitpit as far as i can tell.

it was in current timeline (mangawise), only fuckup she had was liking a gift from some rural noble.

I like how narration shows her as some selfish, self-centered dumb, but lucky brat, when even in original timeline she could be considered a martyr saint.

even in current timeline Mia thinks this was a root of Tina's hate. And she still finds this somehow legit.

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I just love this series. I so hope there will be an anime.

Mia is actually far more astute than she gives herself credit for.

You're at the guillotine when this little Jacobin slaps your ass and tells you that the meadows of Tearmoon must be watered with the blood of the corrupt nobility. What do you do?

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snap off her nose and go to date miss guillotine at least with some self satsfaction.