When will Madara finally return to fight off the goddamn aliens?

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When its revealed that Madara truly won in the end and the entirety of Boruto has only been part of the Infinite Tsukuyomi

Duh, that is the only explanation. Boruto is not real

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Boruto is such a fanservice heaven, I'm convinced that they will somehow implement fan favorites like Madara or Itachi etc.

When Orochimarus Plan A, the Jiraiya Clone, fails its time to get to plan B

I don't care about Madara I want the qt goddess back

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if it's a fanservice heaven why does everyone hate it then?

Imagine how it would be if he could stop Zetsu from betraying everyone and years later, Madara Blanco had to fight against the alien threat?

Mommy and son come together

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Narutards should get the fucking rope.

It's shitty fanservice

Is waifufaggotry Kaguya's only appeal as a character?

Decades of riding Hashirama's Wood Dragon

Because it's 95% filler with an MC that people don't really like much.

Pretty much, you can brag about your waifu being the STRONKEST and it's even better when you're a bit into mommydom

Nono, he just enjoys pegging from his wife (me)

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I guess that's why the only ones making arguments for wanting her back just want her to fuck Boruto or some shit like that.

Timeskip to 2025, enemy is from mars and naruto village has mobilesuits now.

The story is now about Saruto Uzumaki, Boruto's son who complains a lot about his dad never being in the village and his mom being busy with her hokage job.

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Nah, Bort is for Salad.
I know Kaguya's most probably not coming back but I'd just be happy with some more flashback involving her

If a literally who like Momoshiki gets to be Bort's Kurama then I guess they could do something to fix Kaguya's horribly flat character, especially since this all ayy lmao bullshit only amounted to create villans for the sequel.

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Hagoromo >>> Kaguya > Hamura >>>>>> Momoshiki >>>> Kinshiki >>>>>>>>>> Urashiki

I guess they could. Make her Sarada's Kurama or something then

Oh, he loves it

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Boruto will gain some magical hax powers and one shot all of the invading Ootsutsuki army.

best character in the whole series
I miss him bros

if that works as an excuse to give her Susanoo without Mangekyo then I'd buy it

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Hagoromo beat Kaguya and then sucked up all of her powers to the point that he could spam izanagi to create stuff out of nothing

I believe he meant character quality, not power, and even as a Kaguyafag I agree with him

Madara is shit

If it were character quality then literally who Hamura would be dead last.

what's the point of rasengan? wouldn't it be better if minato conserved his chakra and just stabbed people in the heart when he got close to them?

To give Naruto his own Kamehameha